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JetMads 1/32 Viggen


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I ordered one. This was a jet in the running to replace the 104 for the Netherlands back then...of course we chose the F-16, but years later a few rotations took place. One Viggen is on display in the Netherlands at the Aviodrome museum in Lelystad. A fascinating design. Maybe they will tackle another Swedish one: the Draken?

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Weird thing happened to me on the pay site. It wouldn't accept my details - just kept red flagging my name in the name box.

It said surname on the form, so I tried just my surname, then with one initial, then with both initials, with and without full stops. Still nothing.


Messaged Jetmads for help but all they could suggest was try again, as nothing was showing on their payments received or attempted page.

Just enter your name as it appears on your card they said. So I did, again. And again no luck. Nothing.


I pay my bills online, but I have a sheaf of unopened postal statements going back about two years, so i decided to open one to check my details.

And there it was. As soon as I prefixed my name with 'Mr' on the pay page the payment went through.

Then about ten minutes later I got an automated fraud check from my credit card company checking it was me making the payment.

Then I got the order confirmation from Jetmads.


I'm just relaying all this in case anybody else has trouble with making online payments.

I've never had a problem with making online payments since forever before.

But even something as minor and inconsequential as your bloody title can make a difference.


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On 9/1/2020 at 12:07 PM, Out2gtcha said:

Same same, and like a dummy, hit the button several times and got a txt from my bank fortunately. Somehow I had 8 charges on their site, EIGHT! 

The JetMads site kept coming up with errors, and wouldn't go through, so thought I was forgetting something.......must have hit the button or changed things WAY more than I thought.


After speaking to the bank, I did manage to actually get my order in and paid, along with getting my confirmation email too. I am as I do I guess. :lol:


Not for this kit, but for a book I was trying to order Monday, I kept getting a "we don't deliver to your location" message. I called the publisher (they're in the states) left a message and asked that he email me. He certainly did, explaining that it's a recurring problem with the site, so offered to waive the shipping fee, which I have agreed to. The book should be here in a week or so.

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I took myself off the reservation list :BANGHEAD2: (finances wouldn’t allow). But would you believe it, I managed to sell some of my old studio lighting kit, and can now shell out. Fingers firmly crossed for a result of now being on the wait list. 
I noticed the pre-order page was still open but not sure about ordering and paying if there’s no space available. 

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