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  1. Hi, I will be making a limited quantity if these sets over the next few weeks, for sale through Sprue Brothers. The F-4G will contain our new highly detailed Long exhaust nozzle ( pics later), and a simplified cockpit tub that eliminates 99% of the cutting and dust mess and fits with the Tamiya wheel well. The F-4B will include a new updated Cockpit tub, New main landing gear doors, Speed brakes and Seats. Look for these kits to be at SB around the first week of December. Thanks so much for all of your support an patience during the transition from Direct sales to Sprue Brothers distribution.
  2. ghatherly

    ZTZ32065: F-4B Phantom II Mig Killers

    Sprue Brothers will have some around December 1. I am only making 30 sets.
  3. ghatherly

    ZTZ32065: F-4B Phantom II Mig Killers

    Hi Eli, please contact me about a reprint of this set. Gary
  4. ghatherly

    ZM 1/32 Horten Ho229

    Simply contact Volks USA. They will take care of you for getting the correct part. They are set up to deal with modelers, so I would bypass the shop.
  5. ghatherly

    F-4 E Slat wing set at Sprue Brothers.

    The ARN-101 antenna and instrument panel will be a separate item available shortly.
  6. ghatherly


    I will take some video and try to post it so you can see what goes on.
  7. ghatherly


    Hey Scott, I hear you on the those huge pines. The City of Summerville likes its trees so you have to have a permit to remove them and they are a real danger if not cut down. The result is beautiful old water oaks and 80+ ft pines. I have one 8 feet off of the corner of the house and just had it trimmed to balance it out. Twenty eight inch diameter at the base and 94 ft tall. Definitely a potential killer but is in great health. Going back and forth with the city negotiating its removal. If you know where the Gahagan community is in Summerville, that is where we are and the neighborhood is full of these projectiles in waiting!! Just had some oak and gum trees taken out of the back yard that were not pine tree size, but real danger in a storm like this non the less. You all be safe in Columbia as well. MY Ensign/third year doctor in training is in Sumter and they are expecting a heavy shift load at the hospital. She is in the ER this block right now so she will be busy. FYi, The military has evacuated all of there high dollar jets to safer locations. The C-17's left a couple of days ago and and I hear that Beaufort, Shaw, McEntire have all evacuated too. The weather channel had pics of the F-22's getting out of Langley for Ohio. I have not heard what Cherry Point and Seymour/Johnson are doing but I imagine it is the same program. Boeing even flew out the 787's that were airworthy to avoid damage You be carful Scott, the current track shows it going more your way than ours
  8. ghatherly


    We are 25 miles inland from Charleston, 42 feet above sea level. Not concerned about flooding at the house, , but with current changes to the storm track looks like 3-5 days of pure fun!!!!!!!!!!! 18-30 inches of rain and 100 mph winds kind a fun!1 All set with backup power and supplies, and just got the boat ready for flood rescue work after the storm goes through. This is the Carolina's Katrina or Harvey I am afraid to say..
  9. ghatherly

    F-4 E Slat wing set at Sprue Brothers.

    Nothing is wrong with the kit pylons, except there are not any outer ones in the Revell or Tamiya kits other than those made as part of the wing tanks. If you wan to put ordinance on the outer wing pylons you have to go after market except for the one USMC Tamiya f-4J kit that has them included.
  10. http://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/gtr32065.htm http://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/gtr32066.htm http://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/gtr32069.htm http://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/gtr32070.htm
  11. ghatherly

    F-15E/F-14 Decals

    Welcome to the site! I have a set of the 2bobs decals you are looking for. Just PM me or email me: garyhatherly@gtresinproducts.com Thx, Gary
  12. ghatherly

    F-4 E Slat wing set at Sprue Brothers.

    Initial stocking for SB. They have not been available until now.
  13. Hi, GTR 32057 should be up at Sprue Brothers today or tomorrow. It is for the Tamiya kit GTR 32069 the Revell version and GTR 32070 the TISEO for the Revell kit are shipping today, so look for them next week Making: F-4 Outer Wing Pylons in 1/32 for both USN and USAF. these fit any 1/32 F-4 kit. 1/48. HTS 213 left pods with right Sniper Pod pylon at this time. Will fit both MCID and NSI intakes.
  14. ghatherly

    Updated F-4S Conversion Sets at Sprue Brother

    HI there, how was the rest of your US Visit? Seriously looking at Telford in 2020.
  15. ghatherly

    Oh my. Shattered.

    Very, very sad to hear about this. It happens far to often. I gave up road riding when I got married and dirt riding after my accident. What sucks about road riding is that you can do everything right, and still be the looser if another person screws up.