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  1. HI, I would recommend that you buy each of the kits you are asking about and use them as a sizing tool, especially if you are using the data for products. The answers you have received are for real aircraft. However, having measured every kit made in 1/32 and 1/48 scale for our accessory line, I can conclusively say there are differences in the kits. These differences have little or no correlation to what the actual aircraft really are. You can always sell the kits once you are done with them online or at a swap meet if you attend those.
  2. I have Plans to build a F version as a wild weasel in the near future. If there is interest I could make up some extra sets for those interested as special orders. More later, as very busy with F-16D Tamiya Conversions and other new products. Merry Christmas and the very best of holidays to everyone!
  3. Count me in for a Helldiver and the 1/32 SR-71!
  4. Hi Bill, Yes, eventuallyI will get to the missile racks but not in the near future. Merry Christmas!
  5. Hi, Some very requested products just in time for Christmas/Holiday giving. Drop me a PM or email with any questions! Merry Christmas and the very best of Holidays Seasons to all!! https://store.spruebrothers.com/category_s/2361.htm?searching=Y&sort=3&cat=2361&show=60&page=1&brand=GT Resin
  6. Hi, Thx for the suggestion. I made the switch to Postage and like how it operate. IT is free of charge. The unfortunate part is that it is impossible to go back to each post and reinsert pictures. We are talking thousands of pics over the years. Thx, Gary
  7. Back in your neighborhood in 2022. Party at your place??
  8. The winders mounted to the sides or the pylon on rails and did not interfere with carried stores. The pod was carried under the pylon away from the missiles. No CL tank was carried as they blocked safe launch of the fwd sparrows unless the tank was dropped prior to engagement. BOLO did no carry CL tanks. glad to help.
  9. That pod was carried for BOLO under the right inner wing pylon. Bolo left with wing tanks and punted them prior to contact.
  10. Reservations made and Vendor tables paid for. See you all there!
  11. Fantastic books and great people to do business with!!
  12. Here is what you need. The USN/USMC Phantoms used different pylons the the USAF. https://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/gtr32066.htm Hope this helps. Gary
  13. Hi everyone, Thx for the kind emails of support. I dropped the GT Resin forum as its original intention was as a reference tool for new/existing customers and to contribute to enhancing large scale modeling. That is still my driving goal to make the things Large Scale Modelers want. Much of the info was in the pictures, which were hosted by Photobucket. Everyone know they went to a fee based hosting structure a few years back, and I gladly paid their small fee. However, because their huge increase in those fees continuing to use them became prohibitive. PB Closed non-pay hosting accounts thereby removing all pics from our posts. That and our realignment of the product line made the forum out of date and confusing. So we asked for it to be closed. Our Current product line can. be seen and purchased At Sprue Brothers: https://store.spruebrothers.com/category_s/2703.htm Please feel free to pm or email me if you have a question, need help, and as always suggestions are very welcome. I will continue to post New products on the Vendor forum. thx so much for all of the business and support and look forward to a bright future. Gary
  14. Very nice if they print like the CAD shows. The purchase option only show "Smoothest fine detail Plastic" for the process and material. Based on my years of experience with Shapways printing service with the chosen material, that material prints in layers which no matter how thin the layer setting are set. To print smooth like the CAD shows it needs to be printed using and SLA printer, and that option is not offered. IF the designer is here on LSP, An SLA print option would be a welcome choice even at a higher price point. Got to say that the pilots look fantastic! This is no way intended as a complaint.
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