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  1. Hi , been out of touch a bit. Slipped on the hardwood floor and landed on my right knee. Fractured the knee cap and loosened my tibial knee replacement. Surgery is on the 14th. Should be back in the shop bu the 18th. Will be shipping the Outer USAF and inner USN Pylon sets, Cockpits, mk 5 seats, and a bare nose cone before the 14th. I should be able to restock sold out items within a week or two of sell out. Jennings, i have looked in my extensive F-4 library and have no pics of the camera. Anything you have would
  2. I want to say that as a F-4 buff you all did a first rate job. As for parts, look for outer wing pylons, cockpits, and mk5 seats next week. making up a bare nose cone tomorrow. If anyone has picks and/or line drawings on that camera I may be able to make a few. Super job!!!!!! Gary
  3. Thx Bill, the sets look really nice! Gary
  4. Got my sets today with no instructions. Jennings a little help here please? IF I am supposed to do somewhere to download them I missed it as I have not read the entire thread. Many of the F-4C BOLO items that have been out of stock at Sprue Brothers will be in stock this week and next. THX Gary
  5. I will take a look and see what is involved. great suggestion! Jennings, nice job putting this set together, it has needed to be done for some time.
  6. Hi everyone, Parts for the early F-4C will be shipped to SB on Friday the week. Look for them in stock around the first of April @ SB. Sending Old Style CL drop tanks, ALQ-71 F-4 ECM Pods, Outer wing Pylons, MB MK 5 seats, Cockpit sets for F-4C with MK5 and MK 7 seats. Intakes, Exhausts, are in stock now. How many are interested in a Plain nose cone without the pod? Happy to make a few up, but I don't was to make too many. Have a great evening, Gary
  7. Thx guys for all of the help. Went with the Master Details figures, not cheap but they look great. I appreciate all the help. GH
  8. Thx guys, I really appreciate the help. Kag...., I want to model the aircraft in flight, so mostly seated but stations like the waist guns would be standing, ball turret all curled up, etc Stay Safe, Gary
  9. Hi everyone, looking for WW II 1/32 flight crew figures, for US, German, and RAF Bombers. any help would be appreciated. thx, Gary
  10. Hi Mike, I would wait for the ZM kit which is in the works. Merry Christmas
  11. Just made my reservation. CC went through just fine. Gary
  12. Hi, Just ordered both books. Look forward to getting them. Gary
  13. You are absolutely correct Marcel. When I first saw these I was blown away as they are 100% 3D printed. Having built full hybrid exhausts using Flightpath and Eduard PE, Kit plastic, and scratch building that take a solid 40-50 hour to build up, these are a true value in my opinion. I share your thoughts that there are other aspects of model building I want to spend time with rather than spend all of that time on every F-15 build putting the exhaust nozzles together. What is even more impressive is the same fidelity of detail is available in 1/48 scale too!!!!
  14. I think you are confusing the actuator arm that you did use, with the small link rods, which on your nozzles are PE. back to work, will check back in a bit.
  15. What kit ones are you referring too, the burner tube, the actuator arms, or the bell crank connecting rods?
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