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  1. ghatherly

    Tamiya 60325: F4U-1A Corsair

    Stencils are another option if you are comfortable using them for the markings....especially the large ones.
  2. Started work on intakes today since none are provided in the kit. 30-60 days out if all goes well. Will start a thread in GT Resin forum when I get some pics to show. GH
  3. Who would be interested in full intakes for the F-5? gary
  4. ghatherly

    ZM New Old Man Blog is up in english

    Hi, Kindly speak for yourself. To re-live some history, many members wanted the clear skins when the Ho 229 was in development, and went so far as to contact ZM and convince them to offer it. Now we have clear skins and another set of modelers complain......excuse me, we cannot say complain today....it's called input, but still a complaint. I like the clear option and all you have to do is polish it out to see through it or paint it. Yes, it has different properties than colored plastic so expand your skills man! You are a modeler!!! ok...rant off
  5. ghatherly

    2018 IPMS Phoenix Convention

    Good advice, especially since most of us are not young and at the peak of fitness. In the desert heat issues can happen very, very fast. I have a table across form the ZM exhibit, and all are invited and welcome to come by and say high or hang out if you like. Looking forward to seeing everyone, Gary
  6. ghatherly

    revell F-4G wild weasel

    Hi Pat, GT Resin item in stock at Sprue brothers are: 32004 Intakes with correct splitter plates 32007 Exhausts, 32055 F-4G Nose correction, Fin cap and all of the Antennas Revell chose not to include in their kit 32056 Belly Strap all of the G's had the belly strap. I am revising the cockpit sets for the F-4G to provide for easier casting and eliminating the large casting block on the bottom that everyone, (including me). hates to remove. Look for a revised cockpit set and/or Super Set this fall after the NATS. hope this helps, and welcome to the site. Gary
  7. ghatherly

    F-15 a-E engine sets at SB

    32010 1/32 F-15 A-D. PW100/220 Engine Set for Tamiya 32011 1/32 F-15 Early E PW 220 Engine Set for Tamiya 32012 1/32 F-15 late E and export PW 229 Engine Set w/MSOG for Tamiya Pics and description will be on SB's web store. I will have a few at the NATS. I took the opportunity to update the bare nozzle from a two part to a one part design using a new molding process. For those of you with the earlier two part nozzles you can update your set for $10 plus postage. thx
  8. ghatherly

    NEW! F-4E ARN-101 Super Set for Tamiya F-4E/Ej kits

    We no longer make this set. The exhausts and intakes are currently in stock at Sprue Brothers. The Slat wing set with TISEO and ARN-101 parts will be at Sprue Brothers sometime in August. thx
  9. ghatherly

    Phoenix 2018 - T-shirts - 7/24 UPDATE

    Hi Tim, I will be in Phoenix. Gary
  10. ghatherly

    32008 A-10 Engine Set @ Sprue Brothers

    Sprue Brothers. We no longer sell direct.
  11. ghatherly

    Sprue Brothers restock 32003 & 32032

    SB will have 32003 F-15 Intakes for Tamiya and 32032 F-15SG Conversion Sets back in stock this weekend or early next week. thx, Gary
  12. ghatherly

    F-4 Phantom formation lights

    The Old F-4C's that were rebuilt and converted to Wild Weasels had them when they went to Kadena/Vietnam in late 1971/ 1972.
  13. HI, after our long time off with our move to larger facilities, I sent SB the GTR 32032 AGM-78 STD Missile Set and the 32054 F-4E/F nose correction w.cannon. 32003 F-15 Intake Sets for Tamiya will be at SB by the end of next week. Thx GH
  14. ghatherly

    GTR 32044. F-105F Super Set

    HI, I want to announce that we are discontinuing this set for the 1/32 scale Trumpeter F-105 G kit. There are only two of them left at Sprue Brothers. Many here have contacted me about these so I want to get the word out. thx, Gary
  15. Restocked: GTR32034 1/32 AGM-45 Missile set w/ LAUA-34 Launcher USAF GTR32035 1/32 AGM-45 Missile set w/ LAU-118 Launcher USN GTR320381/32ALQ-71 F-4 short pod, GTR 32025 F-15SG Conversion set New Items for SB: GTR32014 1/32 F-15C/E/J Antenna/Vent Set GTR32015 1/32 F-15C/E/J LAU-127/LAU552 Missile Rail/Adaptor set of 4