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ICM 1/32 Polikarpov I-16 type 28

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Hi All,


Starting this tiny Soviet fighter as I needed an easy and no brainer build after my Monogram F-102 (that the theory - never lasts long). In practice, the fit is excellent but the kit really needs some improvements as many pieces are on the thick side and the cockpit lacks details for the scale.


I decided to close the cowling flaps in order to hide an oversimplified engine that is placed too much aft and much too thick cowling openings and flaps. I sanded down the cowling to scale thickness. Anyway, this is the configuration that is the most common on a parked aircraft.







A few levers and cables in the cockpit...




Rivets were added and thickness of the access panels and reinforcement plates was reduced.






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Weathering begins with a dark wash on the underside. We can see the added value of having riveted the area.



Next step will be the addition of the exhaust staining, using the below pic as reference.




Further work on the walking areas, scrubing the surface and adding color variations with watercolor pencils. This will be toned down a bit, in particualr the rivet exposure.




I took some inspiration from this pic for the forward wing upper surface.



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