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Ki-61-l Tei & Ki-61-I Hei mjr. Teruhiko Kobayashi 1/32 Hasegawa

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14 hours ago, Hartmann52 said:

HGW hawe sets for 32th "Hien'?

This set is Dead Design. Coming soon!


14 hours ago, Kagemusha said:

Looking good, how did you find the fit of the conversion? 

Wolfpack set fit very good. Any problem. I recommended also cockpit set from Wolfpack. IsIt's better and more accurate than Aires.

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Looks very nice :goodjob:


Did you use different shades of metallics? And whats your opinion about MRP metallic colors? Had you any problems with the masks applied over metallics? Easy to airbrush? Smooth surface?



- dutik

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