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Lukgraph DH 89 Rapide

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16 hours ago, Jennings Heilig said:

I've said it numerous times - Airfix would sell the crap out of a new tool 1/48 Rapide.  I'd never noticed how thin the airfoil is!  


That head on shot really shows that.

Bit of a gull wing outboard of the engines on the lower wings as well.

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10 minutes ago, Iain said:

This has got me more excited than any release of the last few years - seems like they'll sell a few!  :)



I hope so, then they’ll be encouraged to do an Anson! :blush: Or an Envoy/Oxford. 

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Back when my father in law was a young whippersnapper aerodynamicist working on the Short SC5 (later Belfast freighter) in the late '50s, he and half a dozen others at Shorts formed a syndicate to buy a clapped out Rapide with a view to use it as a hack for weekend trips back to Yorkshire (a contingent from Brough had migrated, such was the competetiveness in the British aviation industry at the time) and climbing weekends in the lakes. They restored it and as far as I know it was airworthy up until he went to Boeing in the mid '60s (to sort out the almost program killing tail problems with the B727) and later working on the fledgling Jumbo.


He's in his mid-90s now, and in a care home with the onset of dementia. I knew several of his 'syndicate', but as these things go, they're all dead now.

But I'd like to see his face if I could present him with a nicely sized model DH89 preferably in his club's colours or just a generic blue and silver if that's not possible.

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