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1/32 ZM Henschel Hs-129 B-2......FINISHED


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Had a great day at Scale Model World yesterday and was very excited to get my hands on the new He-129 from Zoukei Mura, I have a few buids on the go at the moment but as ever couldn't help myself and got straight on with it, so first up the obligitary box shot.




First impressions on looking at the box full of tan are very favourible with lots of nice crisp detail and minimal ejector pin marks in all the wrong places! My only grumble and a big one to be honest is only one scheme is available from the box but what a nice scheme it is, however the kit also only comes with a Mk 101 cannon and a pretty basic bomb rack which I can only assume looking at the stand yesterday means they will be putting out three boxings of this kit. My plan is to build this one straight from the box with the exception of some HGW belts as absolutely nothing is supplied by ZM on this front at all and a different colour scheme. My plan is to build this Rumanian machine as I have suitable national decals to take from my AIMS Bf110 G-2 set which will work perfectly on this kit.




Back to the build and first up as ever was to get the cockpit sub assemblies built and ready for paint, a few ejector marks to deal with and the fit of parts is excellent.










With the cockpit ready for priming it was on the the main fuselage, ZM supply lots and lots of internal detail which will never be seen unless you are doing an all hatches open type build which I'm not so will be leaving out all of this detail as I think it will come in and be very useful on other builds in the future. 


Next I turned my attention to the fuselage, ZM have moulded this with all open hatches should you wish.




And with that is full internal bulkhead details, In the end I decided to add all bulkheads but no extra detail as this will be very useful on other builds in the future as nothing will be seen with all hatches closed.








And with that the fuselage was closed up and tail pane fitted!




So far so good and what a well thought out kit with excellent fit everywhere. Time to get some colour on that cockpit now.


Regards. Andy


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1 hour ago, Uncarina said:



It is great to see this in your hands! I am pulling up a front seat and taking notes. I am surprised there are no seatbelt options. All of the Z-M kits I’ve built had two, and their belts molded with the seat are the best in the business. Great start!


Cheers,  Tom

Hi Tom,


It's a lovely well thought out kit and so far a pleasure to build. Regarding the belts I have double and triple checked but no belts at all. Disappointed as it's a £115 GBP kit and nothing there on that front. I do usually use HGW belts on my builds anyway but a bit poor that nothing is provided.


Regards. Andy 

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9 hours ago, LSP_Kevin said:

You're off to a great start already, Andy! Not only do I now want one of these kits even more, but I also feel inspired to pull out my GMF resin kit.



It's a bloody good kit Kev and the fit is fantastic, really nice tolerances throughout so far and I made big strides with it yesterday with a few careful changes to the assembly sequence so I could button up the fuselage and make sure the rear bulkhead was in at the right angle and ready for paint. I nearly picked up a GMF as well just as ZM a bounced this so it never happened.


Regards. Andy 

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