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!/48 Scale ICM Dormier Do-217N1 w/AIMS conversion

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HI everyone,

    A small update as I blunder forward with this kit.


Interestingly enough this kit doesn't have the nacelles in the standard two-halves set-up.  Instead you have two halves and two large tops and bottoms.




There are also small intakes to bore out with fine drill bits. 




The wheel well covers have generous attachment points and passable details.




The AIMS conversion drag Chute.  Dornier tried both drag chute and air brakes attempting to comply to the demand that every bomber can also be a diver bomber.




With the drag chute, the fuselage becomes quite long.  My knife is in front for size comparison.




Finally all of the wings and engine dry-fitted.




There was a bit of a shape difference between the rear fuselage and the rear of the upper wing piece.  I've decided to shim the wing up a little at the back to avoid thinning the fuselage too much at the spine seam.




The underwing seam looks very fine.





The lower wing tucks into the upper wing.   The MiG-25PD had the same type of setup...  no split at the trailing edge.




Same deal for the wing tip.   No reason to accidentally sand off the large wingtip lights.




Thanks for looking!




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