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Revell He 162


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Calling it finished. Revell He 162. First time using MIG paints which I must say spray beautifully. OOB except for some Eduard etch in the cockpit. Left wing left "unpainted" to represent its wooded construction. Call it artistic licence.B)







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10 hours ago, gregair said:

Very nice Tim, I really like the unpainted wing too!

How did you do the "unpainted" part?

As said oils over base coat of acrylics. I used tamiya flat flesh, buff, and deck tan to create “panels” The. Burnt umber, and a mix of dark red and brown oils dragged across the surface. Light coat of tamiya clear orange to seal it

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On 9/9/2019 at 2:56 PM, curiouslysophie said:

Lovely work on the 162! The unpainted wing looks great. I want to add one of these to my German jet collection but I can’t find the kit anywhere.

Thanks Sophie. Picked it up second hand from a Facebook group. One of the few valid reasons for Facebook’s existence :P

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