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  1. Nick thats a beautiful Sabre you did a great job on it
  2. Your Mi-24 is beautiful, and the T-55 is a beauty too, great job
  3. Hi Nick, the Mb-326/Impala has gone very quiet...I would kill for a decent kit in 1/32, single and two seater, we really need a Mirage F1 You can add 1/32 Mig-17 (Angolan) to the Angolan war list and SAAF Mirage IIIEZ, two were used for one week in ops in Angola in 1978 or 79, along with 2 D2Zs they flew 77 sorties in those 7 days and generally flew 1x Mirage EZ paired with a Mirage D2Z, most sorties were ground attack using rockets and bombs but they did fly a few combat air patrols too. As far as I can find this was the only ops deployment for SAAF Mirage IIIEZ So come on MADMAX....no pressure
  4. Yep as Cheeta11 said above, the 1/32 Matchbox Puma kit re-released a number of times by Revell ,I am sure that a birdy whispered in my ear not so long ago that Madmax had recently "Acquired" one. Also there is the SAAF 1/35 Super Frelon and 1/32 T-6G Texan used by Portuguese in Angola....Same fellas used F-84 in Angola as well
  5. Stunning build and finish as usual Madmax WOW! That was really enjoyable to follow How about an SAAF Puma that our good buddy Lionel flew on ops in Angola......jussayin Or a Rhodie Hawker Hunter.
  6. That is a beautiful photo...unless you are going to be on the receiving end!
  7. Britmodeller has this discussion if its of interest... https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/29585-british-camo-rubber-masks/
  8. It looks very good, thanks for the info guys.
  9. Very nice Tim, I really like the unpainted wing too! How did you do the "unpainted" part?
  10. WOW What a detailed build, I am loving it
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