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  1. Thank you guys! You pointed me in a good direction!
  2. So, anyone got tips for modelling on the go?
  3. So, some progress. Applying the classic tail band. Gunze white acrylic, but it turned out to be lighter than the cross on the fin, which is basically a primer. No big deal. It is hard to notice. Adding the fasces. They are 1/48 Scale and are too small. Hmmmm. Maybe I got bigger ones somewhere. Note to self. Scrounge bombs. I am happy with the result so far, but I worry about weathering. I'll think I will use the sponge technique. Thanks for looking!
  4. People always have reasons for their actions. They may be uncomprehensible to oneself, but still...
  5. I can add that I didn't bother with any fading because that would mean trying to find a proper colour in my drawer, rather than just adding white to the base (something not possible with this spray can.) I still fell I need some weathering to be done, perhaps by sponge? I just found out about photobuckets watermark. Something will have to be done about that.
  6. Another commission for a friend. It is basically a toy that I have modded, or destroyed, depending how you see it. Getting rid of the wings simplified things a bit. Primer is some powerful plastic Primer i bought specifically for this project. (The toy is not exactly made of styrene but some other plastic i suspected could cause trouble.) On top of that i should perhaps have used white overall, but for some reason I only used it on the fin to make markings. Instead I sprayed on Citadel 'Zandri Dust' directly from the can. It didn't cover well and i had to apply many layers of paint to get an opaque surface. I tested new 0.2mm needle and nozzle in my Iwata Neo when painting the mottles. It originally is an 0.35mm AB but I bought spare parts on ebay to make on unofficial upgrade. It worked reasonably well, but then the paint was Gunze RLM82 light grun IIRC. Good paint that. The panel wash is just earth oil colour. Next session I will clean that upp.
  7. I use rubbing alcohol to remove future clear from my canopies (when I need to redo it). It works really well. So "-computer says: no" to any alcohol on futured surfaces
  8. Well, vallejo is water based, I think? Maybe you get more luck with oil based washes.
  9. Everything going up must eventually come down. Should have stuck to something in 2d, like snow mobiles.
  10. Bf109 E this time. http://theprofilepaintshop.blogspot.com/2019/05/bf109e-4-of-herbert-kijewski.html?m=1
  11. Given that the Luftwaffe did fly missions to the very end, and that the personnel was transferred to the infantry... Total breakdown only occurs when you get no orders from the top. Until then machinery turns and work is done, regardless of the situation. A similar case is ceasefires. War continues up until the agreed point, strange as it seems.
  12. If in doubt, err on the side of extra height. Back pain is totally unnecessary.
  13. A dream of mine is to get inside an A380. It won't happen though, but I am not sorry; there is no way I could endure a such long trips in a seat.
  14. https://m.facebook.com/worldwartoons/photos/a.1605956606348057/2070242116586168/?type=3&comment_id=2320430071567370&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic&notif_id=1555260075907354&ref=m_notif Wonder if we will see crew men for their tanks?
  15. https://goo.gl/images/zsWdXz
  16. Adding another warning signal to cockpit will do no good. They are often ignored by the crew in stressful situations, or cause even more stress. An example is how the crew of that Bombardier Q400, in the article i linked too, didn't react to a warning the gear leg wasn't extended at landing. The investigators could hear the sound on the cvr, but the crew didn't. Blaming the pilots is easy but unfair. Humans are clever but very limited in what they can do with their bodies and minds. They are perfectly adapted for a simple stone age life in Africa, but flying is basically to use science to push the boundaries of the possible. (Heck, I am always amazed we got no more car crashes than we do.) Put another way; would you like a trained monkey in the cockpit? That is what you got already. The scientists are smarter, they don't use throttle and stick to run the great Hadron collider.
  17. Got my decals for the build. It is peddinghaus late war markings in 1/48 Scale. The decals looks nice but are not contour cut. Something to keep in mind if you want to purchase from PH. I chose the sheet that gave me most crosses so that I have plenty of markings for my toon projects. Since they are something of what-if projects to begin with i don't bother much with getting markings right. ^^ Gloss varnish and all the setting solutions I got was used to make the decals conform to the zimmerit. Hopefully it will look OK after the flat varnish I will apply later. I am still looking for a good wooden base to make a Diorama. The idea is to make something like that well known photo of tigers parked under trees in Normandy. In other news is my successful test of a plastic Primer for a slaver-1 i am working on. The plastic is not styrene but some pvc. (it is a toy) The Primer is transparent but with some metallic in it to make it more visible. It stuck really hard to the plastic. (not shown) That's all for now. Thanks for looking!
  18. Even with automation there is too much complexity for a pilot. These days it is mostly pilot error that send the machines crashing. Like this one https://aviationweek.com/business-aviation/approach-so-awful-tower-controllers-ducked-out-fear Occasionally there are hardware error, like that Airbus 400 that crashed, but they seems rare. More common is small problems that lead to pilot error through confusion. Air France Flight 447 didn't crash because of faulty pitot tubes, but because of erroneous pilot response to speed data. Then we got suicide by aircraft, too. I recall at least three times that has happened in the 21th cent.
  19. There are several actually. Amur makes one IIRC
  20. A new book? Sounds interesting.
  21. It happen sometimes that in a dream I find myself go looking for a shop selling plastic model kits. I often find one and then feel the excitement of exploring the back rooms for kits I never seen before. It's not quite the same in real life... The only unknown here is the future releases!
  22. It's been a while since his last one http://theprofilepaintshop.blogspot.com/?m=0
  23. From Tamiyas website: 【 Smooth the Paints 】  This paint retarder will make acrylic paint dry slower, enabling a smoother finish. It can be used up to a 1:10 ratio with Tamiya Acrylic Paints. It helps to lessen the chance of painting a grainy surface on your model. Also, it is ideal for painting glossy finish surfaces. 1 bottle contains 40ml.
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