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PCM TA 152C as a Peaceful Race Plane

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Hi Everybody,

    This is my Raffle Prize, PCM's Ta-152C.  As it never reached factory production, I decided I would make it into a racing plane instead of doing the only historical paint scheme.  I had a lot of fun trying to make it pretty and learned quite a bit about painting as I went.  It also gave me a chance to try MRP's line of lacquer paints.  There are a lot of photos, so I'll keep the words sparse.


If you're interested in the building steps, the build log is Here!






















More to come....



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Thank you, guys!  Really appreciate the kind thoughts!.

10 hours ago, Out2gtcha said:

Super nice man!


Need a shot or two of the bottom though


      Though I considered it, the landing gear indicators on the dorsal side of the wings add a new dimension in nuisance to handling the model or getting it safely on the Jig.  I tried to use photography to show what little underside details there are.

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8 hours ago, Alain Gadbois said:



Did you think of a name for it like the other racers?




Hi Alain,

     Thank you very much!  I too would love to have seen a real aircraft like this.


I never really gave any thought to naming it.  I had originally considered painting “The New Red Flyer” in German under the wings, but I decided I wanted something more playful or of a challenge than something that might hearken back to the military past.  



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