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My Raffle Prize: Final Update 21/Aug/19

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HI everyone,

     I was fortunate to be the latest winner of the LSP raffle.  The kit, donated by Kitlinx is  PCM's TA-152C:


The injection molded kit comes with Eduard PE and some nice resin details as well as a pretty large decal sheet for a plane that didn't reach series production before the Russians overran the factory.  Three schemes are provided for in the directions.



Not many sprues and no engine to bother with...  which is cool cuz I like em' closed up.


The first thing i did was checked the fit of the largest components:





Anybody know the dihedral of the 109 series, offhand?


Thanks for looking!

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Welcome back again, everyone!


I spent some time painting up the innards (such as they are) for this bird.


Nothing exciting though I do like the Eduard PE IP.    There were PE Rudder panels, and later when I insert the seat, there'll be PE belts.



One little detail to glue to the starboard inner wall.



I needn't have worried about the wing dihedral.  There was a stub spar which to mold the wing.  I gave it overnight with clamps on to dry.



There were a few erroneous (and non-erroneous) cartridge ejector holes to fill, and I  got rid of the upper wing bulges for the MG 151's.  I braced them at the back with card and then filled them with CA and baking soda.  After checking my work with gloss black paint, I filled the tiny errors with Mr. Surfacer.


Thanks for looking!



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3 minutes ago, nmayhew said:

i had this kit in my stash a while back and quite liked the look of it


I reckon it will turn out as quite a mean looking beast - the Ta152 H's wings just look too long and floppy for me!

I always found this body style of FW/TA a bit unusual due to the closeness in length of fuse and wings.  But I agree with you, the H-style wing is just a little too long.



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HI everyone,

    I've finally joined the fuselage to wings.  It's been a bit of a struggle to get the surfaces as clean as I like, but I feel I've got much done.   Here's some pics:


I've filled the upper fuselage gun troughs, and replaced the hitherto closed radiator flaps with new flaps made of card.   With all of the control surfaces at neutral...or closed, I felt this was a change needed to make the model more engaging to the eye.



The original radiator flaps had only 8 external and 8 internal flaps represented in the molding.  It took me quite a while to find a useful picture because all of the surviving TA-152's and FW 190D's use the Jumo 213 engine whilst the TA-152 utilizes the DB 603 engine.  I found some pictures of the radiator arrangement on the Heinkel 219 Uhu which also utilizes the DB 603 engine.  After a lot of looking, I finally decided that twelve inner and twelve outer flaps were required.  I also just remembered that I need to make 12 pushrods for the flaps...


All of the trailing edges needed a bit of work to make acceptably sharp.  It actually took up a fair bit of time.  Of course, that meant that I lost all of the raised detail on the control surfaces.  Never fear...  Silhouette Portrait is here:


I found a drawing of the FW 190's framework online and imported it into my Silhouette software.  After cleaning it up a bit, I cut the masks and used a few thick coats of Tamiya Matte Red to give me back the raised detail.



There's a bit of overspray to remove....




I'm going to have to pin the stabilizers, too.  I was going to show them dry-fitted, but they looked a bit too droopy that way.


Thanks for looking!



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9 hours ago, Out2gtcha said:

Excellent work Gaz!    The silhouette is a great idea to reproduce the raised detail for sure!

Thanks Brian!  I tried once in the past to work the plastic into acceptable condition and it ended up a mess.



3 hours ago, ade rowlands said:

I have thought about doing similar with my Silhouette for rudder and aileron detail but cutting them out on to decal sheet. 

I thought about making decals, too.  However, trying to slide that complex shape into place with all of it's holes makes me think that I'd ruin quite a bit.  And cutting each decal into a lot of pieces just seemed like more work easily ruined by my clumsy hands.

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