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Trumpeter P-47D RazorBack Pacific 1:32

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i decided to show my new project which is older version of Thunderbolt. I will add Eduard etch for cockpit and cut out a panel on side to show guts behind engine. Trumpeter provided many interior goods so it's really a shame not to present them.


Painting will be Pied Paper or Passionate Patsy, unfortunately Kagero done decals only for Bubbletop Patsy, so i have artwork only, without serial number  on tail (problem) or code on side (smaller problem). Does anybody have photo of Razorback Patsy with 3 downed planes? I have seen model with that but have only photos where plane is without them.










Seat is for P-400 Special Hobby but seems legit for P-47. I will need to repait it.



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Great project.  Mine is presently on my shelf of doom, but I'm fairly certain I will finish it.  Incidentally, I had the same idea as you, to open up the sides to see all the supercharger workings inside.  Here's the intercoolers under construction.




And the assembled trunking:




I'll be following this one.  :thumbsup:





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