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Thomas Lund

Hasegawa Fw190A-5 Walter Nowotny

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With my entry in the Multi engine group build being full of etch addition, I just knew that I would need a distraction without all the trouble, so I went to the stash to pull out a trouble free build. This one caught my eye




Ok opening the box I found it wasn't completely OOB, but somehow I like to do PE flaps. The weels should be no problem




I will be doing it in the colours of Walter Nowotny - second from the bottom. Classic - I always liked that scheme



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Oops #1 - this build, which was supposed to be my safetyvalve for the massively etch B-25 project, got a little too much attention while the B-25 did not

Oops #2 - too few pictures


But quite a bit has happened. Working on sorting out seams etc after main assembly. Plan to be a good boy now and focus on the B-25









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