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RAAF FAC OV-10A Finished!

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Some more work.


The kit included photo etch servo tab actuators which I replaced with soldered brass rod and scrap brass sheet. I also added the ones on the outer edge of the trailing edges of the tab as the kit did not include them.




An interesting photo of two of the boys, with plenty of detail. I was particularly interested in the small protrusion on the tip of the spinner, missing from the kit. Also notice the overspray on the prop blades, sure to get an IPMS judge worked up.




I used the excellent Meng nuts and bolts set to add the detail to the tip of the spinner.


once I was finally happy with the modifications and additions to the kit, I primed it and then used SMS primer filler to fix many of the small imperfections that were exposed with the primer coat.



I then sprayed the model with SMS Camo black, except for the top surface of the wing which I pre-shaded with SMS Haze grey. I also sprayed the front of the engine nacelles with Tamiya Zinc Chromate primer, followed by a coat of AK worn effects clear.


A heavy mottle undercoat of MRP sky grey.








I used the excellent AOA decal set to depict Graham and Kens OV-10 ‘14620’ by splicing together some of the tail numbers to get the correct combination. I also did the same with the data block on the left hand side of the forward fuselage. This aircraft had a fairly uncommon placement of the US roundel, forward of the two middle steps instead of behind, as well as two ejection seat warning triangles on each side of the fuselage instead of one big one.



lots of stencil data. I painted the wing walkway on instead of using the supplied decal. I also significantly toned down the patchiness of the top wing after feedback from my good mate Simmo. He confirmed what I was thinking once he saw it in the flesh. I used SMS White to paint the top wing, and the pre shading was a little too stark after I had applied the decals, so I used a thinned mix of MRP insignia white which is almost like an off white as a filter to tone it down a bit. I applied a dark grey wash to highlight the panel lines.
















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