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  1. Finally, major painting is done. Tape is off and I can see what the results are. Some paint touch ups for ripped paint and over spray as well as picking out the finer details is next. My next worry is whether the paint will hold up to the application of the dry transfer. Some initial work in this regard has not been promising. Perhaps after a few coats of clear over everything it will harden up the paint surface allow me to apply the markings. Time to tread lightly but until then here are some pics of the results so far. Thanks everyone for reading and your words of encouragement. Gord
  2. Thanks Taffyman. I had read that the engine is nonsensical and to replace from the Airfix kit. I haven't looked at the Trumpeter engine yet to see if anything can be salvaged but what I am not sure about is whether the Airfix Merlin depicted looks the same as a Merlin XX. It would be great to understand the visual differences. Would love to hear from others. Thanks Gord
  3. Stripped Tail. Ohh and so stripped it took off the paint. NOT HAPPY ABOUT THIS VALLEJO PRIMER. Thanks for checking this out. Gord
  4. Fantastic job. I would not have thought about using pantyhose to get a cool affect like that. Gord
  5. With the work on the Phantom in the group build winding down, I thought it would be nice to bring this one back to life. There is still research, and a lot of that to do but thought what better way to celebrate bring this one back to life than cutting up perfectly decent plastic. This one will be a challenge for me as I will end up doing quite a bit of scratch building. I would also ask if anyone reading this would be kind enough to share their knowledge of the Hurricane, especially anything on the MK.IID. With the limited number that were made, it appears that there is little information on this particular animal. I am hoping that my research and the helpful folks on this forum will see me through. In the mean time, I have removed some panels from the aircraft so I can display it as if under maintenance. Thanks for reading and as always feel free to critique and comment. Gord
  6. Nicely done. Very clean and sharp. Gord
  7. A quick update. A bit of detailing with some light deck tan and sky gray as well as starting to prep for the metal.Rock on. Gord
  8. Getting to the wire now so I am hoping to get some decent progress in during the next week or so. I have shifted attention to the upper surface applied a coat of the gull gray. This is lightly sprayed to keep the rivet and panel line details while building up colour. There is still good modulation and the base colour is giving it a worn look. My only concern is with the gray that I am using as it is look quite warm. I used the Model master match for gull gray, however when I look at photos, of the phantom is looking a lot cooler in tone. Not sure if this is a photo issue or a repaint of old aircraft. I am hoping I can get some feedback on what others thought was a good match for this colour. I am contemplating an overspray of Tamiya Sky gray lighten with white. Please add your 2 cents. Gord
  9. A bit more layering now. Added some light deck tan, white and sky gray in selective areas. Slowly layering and creating depth while keeping sharp recessed lines. And then too bring it together another pass of insignia white. After applying I think I should have thinned it more as it seemed wipe out a bit of the colouration from the other steps. I may added a bit more colour back in but for the most part, the underside is complete. I only had the one shot as my camera battery died before I could take more. Again thanks for reading and your kind words. Gord
  10. Thanks again everyone. Simon, I hope you don't mind me addressing your question here so that others can see the answer. His questions was ' With your F-4, what thickness shim did you use for the outer wing angle? I can see you've shimmed it but not by how much!'. I used .02" for the shim and this is applied to the upper surface only. In addition the shim needs to taper towards the trailing edge so that it meets up properly. The issue with the shim however is that creates more gap around the 'comb' or the interlocking area on the underside of the wing. You will need to fill or adjust this so that it looks right. The angle of the outer wing is better and is closer to the actual angle. I have also advance the painting of the Aircraft by applying an intermediate blue randomly across the fuselage and highlighting some panels and framing. This followed by a desert yellow again highlighting some panels but generally kept random. And finally a first pass of Insignia White. I have intentionally left the back portion darkened as this seems to be a feature you can see when the Phantom is on its back. A quick business trip this week and then back to detailing and a final pass of the white to finish this up.. Thanks again for reading Gord
  11. Yes Hakan, one almost feels like doing the Playboy bunny F4. Lothar, thanks for your kind words. I have dry fitted the cans and they look good and don't seem to be too small. I won't know for sure until its all done. Until then here are the main landing gear for your viewing pleasure. Still a little touch up needed but these are basically done. Thanks Gord
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