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8 hours ago, dutik said:

Time to check the stash. Plenty of Twins there, both jets and props.


Just for interest 3 questions:


1. Are mixed propulsion planes allowed (i. e. Ryans Fireball, Mig-13, the proposed Do-335 variant with a jet at the rear etc.)? I guess - yes.


2. I guess that just some added RATOs do not turn an aircraft into a multi-engine plane. Right?

(Sideline: Am I right that Bachems Natter - one build in rocket engine, 4 external boosters - is also not qualified?)


3. How about space shuttles? The have wings, are landing like aircrafts and most of them have more than one build-in rocket engine for propulsion. Do space shuttles qualify?



- dutik


Mixed propulsion subjects would be fine, but not anything that simply has RATO packs or non-permanent assistive propulsion.


Technically, space shuttles are spacecraft, rather than aircraft, so don't really qualify.


While I'm here, I just need to remind folks not to post your finished GB entries in the RFI forum; they get posted to the dedicated GB Gallery by (usually) Brad, who will upload them directly for posterity.



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12 hours ago, dutik said:



That narrows the selection of kits in my stash. I think a T-2 Buckeye would be fine.


It's a decent kit but just watch the cockpit floor, and especially the intake trunks.

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