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  1. You mean that one there https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/83061-and-the-2019-lsp-christmas-raffle-winners-are/ , right ? Your're probably still busy packing & sending stuff to the winners ... And it's generally (and sadly) quite a HOT period in AU ...
  2. Thanks, I really love how she came out in the end. Unfortunately the front wheel, which had not been enforced, broke yesterday and I had to replace plastic shock absorber with metal needle - very easy to do. So ALL gear legs need care, this bird weighs 120 grams. Landing gear, clear parts and decals - top3 weaknesses of this kit.
  3. Man, where did you get that rarity from? I was able to get PCM MC 205 , what a joy! Still waiting for her turn on the workbench :-)
  4. So who won those wonderful prizes ? Who deserves a big hug and congratz?
  5. Finished! My first LSP ready for inspection, I'm so happy! Sorry for poor quality images, but I will learn one day how to take good pictures. These are all I could take before falling asleep standing after this WONDERFUL marathon of kit building. Cessna is in one piece, although it has some blemishes here & there. I hope you guys enjoy looking at her anyway. Next model will be better. Generally speaking - this kit is just OK. no real fit issues. However landing gear is weak, clear parts need a LOT of care - polishing, dipping, and decals, yeah - they are there, nothing short of horrible though. I will do my best to upload better pictures some time in the future but it needs some scene setup, lights etc. I'm looking forward to seeing your great LSP models in the comming 2020.
  6. Priming & painting ... Could you please halep me figure out when can I upload final model galery the latest - would 23:59 CET time be ok? Should it be a full gallery or can I just declare the model ready with some sample pictures proving it really is, and prepare the final gallery in the future?
  7. Is this (a) plane, that I'm seeing, is this (a) plane, that I've been waiting for ... Pictures are horrible, I know. I hope this Cessna won't be :-)
  8. Racing with time... It's going to be a make or break weekend :-)) Cheers!
  9. Thanks guys!, Yes I heard that the landing gear is not very robust, to say the least, I'll need to think a while how I will go about it. Maybe some brass rods - Albion Alloys - would do the job? The pictures above where from the last week to be honest, this is today's status: Engines are ok-"ish" , I'm taking shortcuts, that's for sure, but not so much of this gear will be visible under the hood anyway:
  10. Nothing special, just a proof that I really jumped on this race:
  11. Hi! In an almost suicide attempt I decided to start this build. It has a simple goal - finish the kit as quick as possible, purely out of the box. Wish me success! I was having problems adding my own pictures, I hope I'll figure it out very soon!
  12. Thanks for correcting my ways! No worries, I have something else in store - how about https://www.scalemates.com/kits/roden-632-cessna-o-2a-skymaster--1140603 - scale 1/32, to engines, looks fine for me?
  13. Hi! I'm new here, so forgive a stupid question in case - will a B747 1/144 be allowed here - not a large scale plane but a large plane indeed?
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