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MiG-21 UM "Hungarian Air Force"


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Moin all together,

Sorry my English is not special but I give me trouble and hope you understand what I write.....

And another colleague I started a few years ago has now finally been completed.
It is a MiG-21 around the Hungarian Air Force from the year 1990.

Some data about the model:
Scale 1/32

I have also installed in addition.....
Ätzteile MiG-21 MF from the rest box
Pitot tube unf Oxygentanks by Profimodellers
MiG-21 Fishbed F.O.D. guards by Profimodeller
Linden Cockpit MiG-21 UM cockpit update Set
had km-1 ejection seat
Had MiG-21 stencil
Had MiG-21 to season decals
and good nerves...........

The decals of had can be processed perfectly and the F.O.D. on the air inlet has been created on its own.

And now the pictures..........

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