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Hello...Next WIP will be Fisher Model and Pattern F4D Skyray.


This has long been a favorite aircraft of mine. The Fisher kit is a dream. Fantastic moldings, incredible detail throughout, Photoetch parts and a colorful decal sheet.


I have been fondling the parts for a few weeks and have just begun assembly. Paul's instruction sheet is amazing, lots of pictures and a well thoughout assembly sequence. Paul even gives tips on how to avoid problems as you go along.


First I glued the vertical tail to the upper fuselage.




Next was to install the exhaust/engine assembly into the upper fuselage.




And last for today will be the main whell bays and MLG struts. The gear bays are beautiful, I have only added some plumbing to add a little extra detail.




Paul recently offered brass Main gear struts and I decided to add them to the build as this model will be heavier than normal due to the nature of an all resin model.



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Good show, Dan.  What are you using for references?


Thank you.



Mark I have the Ginter book and the Killer Rays book. And I have access to a real Skyray at the Miramar museum.



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Some small progress.


I have been working on the cockpit. Just basic painting at this point.








As with most jets the areas that need to worked on the most are the exhaust, landing gear bays and cockpit. This kit provides excellent detail in all of these areas. No need to buy expensive after market sets here. Everything is in the box.



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A little progress, mostly getting the cockpit finished. I didn't take any photos before I installed it in the nose so closeup detail shots are not here.


I will say that there is lots of molded in detail. I painted it the best I could using lots of cockpit photos as a guide. I did add a little extra detail. I added some sidewall details starting with a textured plastic grocery bag to simulate the sidewall insulation. I also added a few D rings where needed and canopy locking levers on both sides.








Cut out the clear parts to see how they would fit. Pretty good actually. Main canopy has a small spot on it that I am sanding out.




And a taped up mockup, couldn't help myself.





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Posted (edited)

Yo Yo....


Ok I am back with some major progress. I have glued the nose section to the fuselage. Now this isn't as exciting as you may think because of how simple basic construction is on this kit. Basically you are looking at only 6 big pieces to get to this point. Fuselage top and bottom, nose , tail and 2 intakes.






Had a little problem painting the interior of the intakes. I did the white latex paint thing and had a strange thing happen. After I had filled up the intakes with paint I drained the paint and all looked well. However as a few minutes passed the latex paint actually flowed off of the intake interior and left large sections without paint. Must have been the mold release agent or something. Anyway I removed all of the latex paint, sanded the interior and shot on model master flat white followed by gloss white. This worked well.


So I am at the fill and sand portion of the build, always lots of fun. The area needing the most work is where the fuselage, nose and intakes come together.


Also when I was manhandleing the nose section into place I snapped off the top of the tail. So I had to super glue that and putty the join.


All in all a quick build so far. Really having fun.



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