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CT-155 Hawk


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So this post is more for me than for showing progress. I didn't have as much time this weekend as I hoped but I was able to get some colour down, so this post is about maintaining momentum more than anything. Anyways A few bits and pieces are ready but most need finishing up and detailing to get the cockpit finished. A few pics of where things stand. 





Seat belts getting mounted. I am generally happy with how the seats are turning out but as always feel free to provide a reality check.





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Thanks MARU5137. A bit more progress. Seats are basically done. I am generally happy with how these turned out but I have this question for everyone. Do most of you airbrush the seats and belts etc or brush paint. There are some issues with some of the painting but unless I start again I think I will call it for the seats.




The rest of the tub and consoles are done. I was excited to use the Airscale decals for some of the instruments but I guess they are scaled for a larger instrument panel. There was no way they would fit into the appropriate spaces, so needless to say I am disappointed. I would have thought they would have provided a few different sizes for the decals. The rest of the cockpit is basically done.




The next steps is dealing with the intakes. I think I figured out how to assembly these. When you look at the surface of the intake you can see a bit of texture and some mold lines. (Left side is cleaned)



In dry fitting the intakes you can see prominent seams top and bottom as well as gaps and seams around the intakes, The outer portion of the intakes are also not sitting square and flush to the fuselage. I think the key will be trying to get the intakes as seamless as possible before mounting it into the body.




I am also thinking I will separate the intake on the top of the aircraft from the rest of the assembly and install it first. That way it lines up properly. 



Anyways thats where things are.


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Nice progress Gord and welcome aboard!


I had to go through my old build and see what I did. I installed the intakes as separate halves and did the upper exhaust separately as well.








I found leaving off the outer section of the intake until later allowed me to get a better fit. It still wasn't perfect but was more manageable to me.


Hope that helps.



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Greetings, Gord!

I watch your build, as I also began to build this model.

Note that on the top of the wing the turbulators are not positioned correctly.

Also, the location of the outer aerodynamic crest is not correct.

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Fun build to watch!

I airbrush the primer on everything, airbrush the sides, and then brush the seat cushions and all other details. I'm Using Vallejo acrylics mostly plus some tamiya and squarebottle enamels a little bit just based on rare or specific colors I think I need.

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Thanks all. Its been a busy few weeks at work so I didn't get as much done as I would like. I also found I was fighting the intakes more than I would like. At any rate I made some progress. BlloorwestSiR, I essentially followed your approach. I detached the small intake on the upper fuselage and installed that separately.


For the intakes, I cleaned the insides and then primed and painted. I then glued the halves together and progressed through fillers and sanding to try and get an even and smooth finish. Not as great as I would like but it was easier to do this work prior to assembly into the fuselage. I add the outer cowling and followed the same procedure and finally finished with painting it white. The inner intakes were masked and then the blue was added. This means that the painting and sanding has been done off of the AC and was generally easier to do.




Finally the intakes were installed into there respective halves.


The fuselage also had a number of inspection and servicing holes drilled based on some the research I have.


In addition the exhaust was done and the nose gear bay. This has some added wire and ribs installed. A light wash was added but this area seems pretty clean in my reference photos.


Its now ready to be brought together. Seversky, I also noticed that the vortex generators were incorrectly placed and on the thick side. I stated to shave these down so they were thinner but realized it would be better to remove them and make new ones later. Well see how that goes. 



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