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CT-155 Hawk


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Thank you guys for the support. It feels like I making progress, however this week not quite as much but here is a quick update. The fuselage halves are together and I am starting to attach the various larger panels.


I have started another round of filling and sanding. What do you guys use for filler? I have been using Squadron White Putty and find it goes on well and sets up fast, but sanding is hit and miss. It seems to flake off and so the join is not as smooth. I have used tamyia's putty and find it goes on well an self levels nicely but again doesn't seem to sand smooth. Anyways just interested to see how others tackle gaps and seams.



I also stripped the little detail that was in the wheel wells and started to scratch out the piping to more closely represent the real AC. I still have a bit more to go but its stating to look sufficiently busy. I also reversed the construction of the wheel wells from what the instructions indicated. This gave me unobstructed access to the wells in order lay the wire.



Thanks again for checking in.


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Work has been busy the last 2 weeks and I expect it will be like that for the next little while. I am still trying to complete this build before the deadline but at this stage its not looking good. At any rate some progress. I completed the wheel wells and painted them. I am still trying to get the hang of the airbrush and it shows.



With this done I assembled the wing and fixed it to the AC. I struggled to get the wings to sit properly but it kept being pushed out of alignment and with the glue dry they now sit noticeable out. This is going to be a pain to get the bottom of the fuselage to line up through sanding and filling.







While this was setting I installed the airbrake and worked on the landing gear and doors.





It was nice to get some blue down. Anyways I hope to make some more meaningful progress soon.




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Yes BradG. It looked daunting and I wasn't looking forward to it. Then I thought I would pull the wings off and try and cut away a bit more around the attachment points to see if I could get it to sit flatter. This actually worked better than I expected and I ended up with a slight gap between the surfaces.



I don't have any progress pictures as I spent the long weekend with my head down trying to make some good progress. After the major parts were assembled. I filled and sanded the gaps. I find this was so so as I am still trying to find a good way to fill the gaps that I can get a really smooth transition across the joint. I then proceeded to add the smaller parts, flaps, and other pieces. Once assembled I put down a dark grey primer and followed up with a first coat of the blue. At least I have a blue plane now even if it won't be finished before the end of the month. But at least it looks like it belongs in this group build.





Thanks again for your comments. 





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Thanks Kevin and Brad. I appreciate your encouragement. So I know this group build is done but I am not sure if I can still post here or if this thread needs to move. At any rate, while its taken me awhile to get this far I am still working away at finishing this build. It has been a real challenge getting the gloss level and evenness across the aircraft. I have been using pledge but for some reason after 7-8 coats, I still don't have a nice even covering. I am sure I am doing something wrong here. I added the decals which are very extensive and impressive. The aircraft is coming together but not as well as I would have liked. Still staying positive and hoping to bring it together in the next few weeks.








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First off hi Gord, welcome.  I've come a bit late to this, how did I miss it??


I've got this kit in my stash, so it's been interesting to see what you've done with it.  Looking  forward to seeing the finished article.



I have the kit in my stash and if you're interested, I can get you the part number for the aftermarket seat. If I recall, it was a Quickboost part and should be available everywhere or on eBay.

Ernie, that would be useful for me too please.


... I have this question for everyone. Do most of you airbrush the seats and belts etc or brush paint.


Those seats look pretty good, so do whatever works for you.  Having said that, I airbrush the seat with the colour of the main body, and use a brush from there for the cushions, details, etc.

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Kev, Just wrapped up so I don't have anything more to post so shift or keep here. Its up to you. MikeC, Thanks for your comments and thoughts hopefully there was some help in this build.

So its done. Was shooting for Canada Day but just missed it. Overall I have mixed feelings about the build. I was happy about how the seats turned out and getting the intakes together without too many issues. I struggled with getting an even gloss coat over AC finding too often areas where it built up and others where it didn't seem to stick at all. After almost a dozen pass of the airbrush I was fatigued by the build and so continued on with decals and the finish line. The canopy was also an issue. for some reason I couldn't keep it clear, clean and without distortion. These were my issues and not the kits. Overall it was a reasonable platform to build upon. It went together fairly easily with only a few area that need a bit more attention. Checking reference photos you can find a number of areas that need improvement such as the cockpit, vortex generators, canopy and lack of detail in the wheel wells. Most of these can be easily corrected. Anyways here the final shots. Thanks for reading.










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