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No not another when's it going to appear thread. This is more of a where can I get stuff from thread. 


In anticipation of the kits arrival, I'm  looking to source some markings for a 97 Squadron aircraft.


My problem is that there are so few references on the internet I will not be in a position to provide any form of artwork for masks /decals other than the squadron serials which are OF with the aircraft I would look to produce being  OF -A serial R5548 (although this is not set in stone)


This aircraft possessed nose art for which, again, I cannot find accurate images.


Iv'e look at 97 sqdn association without any real success so guidance as to where how i can get these markings would be great. 


Thanks in anticipation 




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I'm afraid it's going to be a very hit and miss affair Pharty, you might get lucky by finding a picture in one of the "Lancasters at War" volumes but it really is down to whether any of the crew "posed" in front of their Lanc and then if the picture had come into the public domain. Good luck!


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And this:


Queen Elizabeth - R5548
Service: 97 Sn OF-A
Fate: Destroyed by fire, 28 December, 1942, England
Spurius - ED862
Service: 97 Sqn OF-P
Fate: FTR, 29/30 July 1943 - against Hamburg

Sri Garuda - L7522

Service: 97 Sqn OF-V, 83 Sqn OL-N

Fate: FTR, 21/22 February 1942 - against Stavanger


Sri Sajah - L7463

Service: 97 Sqn del'd 29-9-41 OF-P, 106 Sqn del'd 20-1-42 ZN-L

Fate: FTR, 23/24 February 1942 - against Rostock




Unknown Identity - possibly 97 Sqn





Back to work :-)

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This kit is my most wanted ever since it got announced. I've done the 72nd and got the 48th along with every bit and bob of extras. When HK said its coming in 32nd that was it for me.


My grandfather flew in one for 39 missions and survived the war along with his crew of Aussies and brits.


This is a morning after the night before when they returned on 2 engines to Marston in Kent. Shipped back to North Lincolnshire the next day then back out on another raid the following night.



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