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1/32 Hobbyboss P-61A-11 Black Widow; 458th NFS; MiDNiTE Madness

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I have to apologize Steve. I thought you were doing a P-61B model. The top turret through me. So my previous post of the landing Bays would be closed would be wrong. They would actually be open and you would see the air tanks.


By the way I didn't comment either. You are doing a wonderful job on this build.




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Only had a couple of days off this week!



Wife not impressed by the way, she was after a trip to Milton Keynes...





Perhaps you could take her to MK next month, say around the 22nd?   :wicked:   http://www.mksmc.co.uk/wp/?page_id=127


(Apologies for the shameless plug of my own club's show, but if you can make it do please say hello, 32 SIG/Big Stuff Group have a table.)


Your model is coming along nicely, some great work there.

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That is a serious bit of kit!

Thanks for sharing Biggles323


Not much to show, ploughing through some bits when I get the time, work is full on to the extreme....

Wanted to share this though as it tickles me a bit;





Had the brass bits for years now in my parts box.

The black bit is the kit's take on the 'Relief Tube'; one for each station.


So, in some circles, it's a 1/48 A1 Skyraider Gun Barrel and Muzzle, to me, it's the P**s Tubes for a P-61...



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Hello All!

An update on progress.

First of all, I would like to thank Night Fighter who has been simply fantastic.

Not only did he stop me going down the path of building a B Model when I am building an A but also Night Fighter certainly knows his stuff!!!

Cheers mate...



After mail exchanges, here is the upgraded seat;








Here is the Rear Station now modified to an A Model with custom Photo-Etching etc.




Seeing as I did the front bit, thought I should have a go at the back bit...






Here's the front Undercarriage;









Here is the Instrument Panel.

Difficult this one as each dial had to be really carefully milled as the panel is designed to have an acetate sheet behind with the dials.

It's Airscale every time for me!




Here are the final side walls;








Thanks for looking.

Next time, I will prove I can paint!



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