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  1. Thanks, that is good to know. I have no references to fire extinguishers except whatever color photo I can find. The flightline extinguishers were red, I have color photos of them, but didn't really know about inside the aircraft.
  2. Curious, what color are fire extinguishers in England? American fire extinguishers are bright red.
  3. Fantastic, but I believe the ceramic conduit holders were light coloered if not white. I'm going to be saving photos of your plane for future references. Very well done. Will you be adding the decal on the right side, like in the photo you show at the top of the page, that says, "AN-AP5-13 RADIO"?
  4. Finally read through the thread... I made the same mistake others made on this aircraft. Well done. Will
  5. I hate to tell you this but the left side of the spook said anonymous III.
  6. On that last photo of the lady, the nose and cowl flaps are red... The squadron markings.
  7. That was the second iteration of Bat outta hell. Flown by flight leader capt. William Dames. A/C number 25609 if my sources are correct.
  8. Got it, your lower conduit is correct for the "A". The T-handle coming from the box/bracket is the pull release for the bottom door opening mechanism. The two conduits I saw going forward on the left belong to the two antennas. One on the top for communication, the other on the bottom below and slightly forward of where the r/o sits, used to transmit friend or foe signals. Will
  9. Actually the box that you have the lower conduit running to is not a box but a bracket where that T-handle I was telling you about goes. I'll check on what that T-handle actually goes to. Just realized that the picture you sent me was from a P61C. That's why it was so confusing. Duh, silly me.
  10. That conduit on the left side that goes to the box continues along the left side along side the one for the communications antenna. Both continue to behind the panel.
  11. By the way all. I would like to point out a first. Steve is the first person I'm aware of who has taken the time and massive research to actually model the pilot seat correctly. In all the other forums I've searched through, in all the model manufacturers models that have been made, not to mention in all the aftermarket makers of pe stuff, No one, I repeat, no one but Steve has gotten it right! Cheers all, Will
  12. Very good Steve, the pilot seat is correct. Just need to put the yellow cap on the top of the downward seat release rod. The r/o station is also coming along nicely. I continued through my sources and found a larger picture of the "a" station. Will try to pm that to you soon. The left side is still a little off. The coax going toward the antenna mount also used the ceramic standoffs, the same as the one going to that lower antenna. I finally found a good picture of it. Recent purchase of a book, p61 in action. The picture is mislabeled but its good for the "a" version. Excellent work. Will
  13. I don't know how to upload a picture. I have a reasonable example of what an A widow r/o station looks like.
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