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6 hours ago, LSP_Kevin said:

Superb stuff, Martin! The first two images in your last post seem to have gone AWOL, however.




Thanks a lot guys!


Yes Kev....weird!!.....those two images are of a real Fortress....I will look into it!;)

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Hi guys


Well it's been nearly a month now since my last post what with family staying and this and that etc etc( you know the drill...getting in the way of modelling!)...but finally I'm now back at dealing with this B17G!


...and it was time to tackle the complicated ball turret hanging system!.......After looking at loads of confusing photos of the task at hand I decided that the only way to replicate it was to try and break it down into small stages.....wasn't going to be easy ...but then that's the challenge I guess!


So I started with the frame work and the bits and bobs at the bottom that fits onto the turning mechanism above the ball turret...here's a few photos......








I was about to attach the upright tube ( plastic flag stick that luckily was the correct scale!) when I noticed that I would have to adjust the walkway that goes around the turret as it was too large and I would never be able to continue with the hanging structure!.....annoying as I had to take of the glued floor carefully off and then re shape it and then replace it and make good!...any way after that problem was solved I had the next problem of repeatedly placing the top section of the fuselage.... as a dry run fit ....to see if the tube aligned up correctly with the ceiling connection!....that I have to say took some time and patience!...of course in the process I knocked of the radio ops seat and some radio stacks from the radio room floor!...I have left them off for the time being whilst I deal with this nightmare!

Once that was all sorted I gave this section some paint after first placing some cables and wiring on....here are some photos......














Now......I could have left it there!.......but I think you know me by now:rolleyes:


The B17G had a system for carrying extra ammunition that fed automatically into the ball turret....after looking at photos I decided to at least have a go at it and if it was too complicated then I could just not bother with them.

Basically it was two ammunition cans suspended above the ball and bolted to the frame work.Being two cans they of course had to be symmetrical...and that is something I find difficult to do...especially the round feeds that were like  S- shaped channels! The rounds were made by cutting small gauge wire to size (at least 50!!) and the glued in between 2 pieces of the S-shaped feeds.....some of the rounds could be seen through inspection ports....hence bothering with making the rounds!

Any way here are the pretty rough looking examples of the ammunition cans and feed chutes....will look better in situ and with paint on....I hope!






It was time to attach the ammo cans to the hanging structure.......






The next task was nearly impossible to do and that was to make the lower supports for the cans.....it took ages but got there in the end!.......all I had to do now was to paint it all.....

















So that is as far as I have got so far.

I still have to make a couple of ammunition belts and the oxygen tank for the turret and then I can think of closing the two halves in preparation for the external detail!


I have to say although challenging this part of the build was ......I thoroughly enjoyed myself!;)


Till the next post....take care guys!



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Wow Martin! It's been a while since I checked in and boy, what progress! The radio room and ball turret work you're doing here looks absolutely incredible. You're certainly make me rethink how I do my radio room.... definitely looking a little more sparse than yours in the detail department.


Fantastic work mate!



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