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1/32 Trumpeter Me 262A-1a "Yellow 3"

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7 hours ago, MikeA said:

What an absolutely gorgeous build of my favourite aircraft type. The painting is sublime. The attention to detail in getting the parts to fit perfectly with just the right surface detail is amazing and very inspiring. 


Great stuff!




Thanks Mike!  I took a long break from modeling and am finally getting some momentum back into this build after the delay.  But... unfortunately, I will be traveling internationally for a couple of weeks and that will introduce another delay.  I really like the color scheme and am really looking forward to tackling this paint work on this one. 



5 hours ago, VintageEagle said:

OK, I checked my wartime photos of a few captured jets and found the following:


W.Nr. 500071 (German museum aircraft) without glass and bracket

W.Nr. 500453 (NASM aircraft) most likely with glass and bracket

W.Nr. 111711 without glass and bracket


I think David Brown narrowed down the W.Nr. block of Yellow 3 to 110xxx, which was not a very late war production. So, it may well have had the bracket and glass, but it may as well not have had the bracket or even a bracket without the glass installed.


They installed whatever was available and it may well be that earlier production Revis were fitted to late war production Me 262s.


Thank you so much for that information.  It is good to know that the single reflector configuration was at least POSSIBLE on Yellow 3.

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Thanks Brian!  I'm just tinkering around with the small bits since I don't want to embark on the painting until after I return.  Still lots to keep me busy until then.  One of the things I can do is to prepare the clear parts.  I've decided to shut the canopy to maximize the sleek lines of this jet fighter.  I'm trying to add the wire that keeps the canopy from flopping all the way onto the fuselage when open.



Obviously, a canopy restraint system should be attached to the part that opens but I couldn't figure out a way to do that.  So I just put the terminating end on the same frame as the spring end when in reality, it should be on the adjacent frame.  The painted canopy frames and the headrest armor should provide enough distraction from this inaccuracy.




Now that I've decided to close the canopy, I need to cover up the two notches on cockpit sill.



Instead of filling with putty, I decided to use a section of folded brass.  It does not extend all the way to the fuselage surface so as not to impede the canopy from sitting flush.





I've added brake lines (lead wire) to the nose gear as well as the main gear legs.




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This particular joint was a real headache for me.  I should've used shims right off to counteract the thin-ness of the slat edges.  But I didn't.  Once glued into place, it was hard to get a solid connection along this joint.  That plus a nasty step AND gap at the wing root leading edge resulted in bunch of rounds of filling and sanding.  The last resort was gouging out the gap between the slat and the wing with my scriber and using black CA to fill.



A shot of primer to verify the patch job.  There will be a mismatch between the restored rivets and the molded rivets but I'm hoping it won't be too noticeable after weathering.



The rest of clear parts have been glued into place.





As you can see, I am just about ready to paint.  The horizontal tail planes will remain removable... the fit is good and it will be more convenient to deal with the hard mottle pattern on the tail without the horizontal stabilizers in place.







I still need to mask the wheel wells.  I'll probably use packing foam



I sprayed the canopy area with RLM 66 Dark Grey.  This will give the interior of the canopy frames the correct color and it also provides a way to evaluate the glue joints which are hard to distinguish on clear parts.  Fit of the clear parts is very good.  The very small gaps were filled in with Milliput.  







I've got a few days before my trip abroad.  I may or may not do some more work on the 262 before I leave.

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2 hours ago, Out2gtcha said:



Lovely work John. Looks like a sleek shark in all grey like that. 


Thanks Brian!  She might get an overall coat of black if I decide to go the black-base route... haven't decided yet.



2 hours ago, williamj said:

Looks fantastic:clap2::wub:...have yet to build a 262,will have to do one eventually,thanks for the inspiration.


Thank you, William! It's a good kit but keep in mind there will be a Revell 1/32 262A coming out soon.  That might give the Trumpeter kit some competition.

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Hi John, so good to see you back with your build and as ever such excellent work. Coming along very nicely indeed and your hard work on those difficult seams/ joints is paying off.



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2 hours ago, monthebiff said:

Hi John, so good to see you back with your build and as ever such excellent work. Coming along very nicely indeed and your hard work on those difficult seams/ joints is paying off.





Thanks so much Andy!  It is good to be back.  Not just to be modeling again but excited about modeling!  For a while there, I was wondering if the interest would ever return.  The time off has given me an additional dose of patience with some of the set-backs I've experienced like seams being a bugger to get right.  I'm at the point where the real fun begins... painting!  But I have to hold off because of travel.  I'll probably bust out the Barracuda wheels and start the paint work on them to keep me partially occupied while I spend the rest of my time packing.

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Thank you Gaz!  Finally have something new to report!


Sorry for the delay in posting.  I was out of country for the past two weeks.  Prior to that I didn't want to start on the next major step of painting and then have to pull off for 2-3 weeks so all in all... too much delay! 


So I'm back in the US and re-adjusting to this time zone.  Luckily, this was my Friday off so I was able to spend some time in the modeling room and begin the painting process for the 262.  I've decided to black base this bugger.  And so the first step is very simple... just paint it black!  I used Mr Hobby Lacquer paint thinned with a mixture of Tamiya Lacquer thinner and Mr Leveling Thinner. The first session was interrupted by dinner.


I resumed the black base after dinner.  No need for a total gloss coat since I won't be metalizing this bird overall, just at the wing roots.


The black base revealed a few minor seam imperfections that I'll work on after the paint cures.  That will probably delay the continuation of painting on the body for at least a day or two.  I've also painted the wing control surfaces and landing gear covers so I can proceed with those.


I was hoping to have received a Badger Sotar to help make the black base effect more fine but I have no idea when it will arrive.  I'll have to make do with the tools that I have on hand. May have to bust out my old school Paasche V.

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Nice to see youre back on your work bench after your abroad trip, and the black primer looks fine John.



I am excited for the next steps

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