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Bearcat in Indochina


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Here is my entry to the Blue GB: Trumpeter Bearcat in French colors. It is blue but hopefully also heavily weathered as I want to portray one of the Bearcats flying out of Dien Bien Phu in 1954. I will use Mr. Paint colors, I have Aires cockpit and wheel wells. Napalm cans from AMS. I have resin wheels and g-factor landing gears on order. Seat belts from Radu Brinzan. As usual I will try to paint the markings rather than using decals.

Box shots and inspirational pictures.









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Hi Romain,


If my Bearcat turns out half as nice as yours I will be very happy. How did you do all the chipping? This my challenge on this build: achieving a convincing chipping. I was thinking of using maskol applied with a sponge. Any thoughts?

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Hi Dukie,


If you can read Italian, you can have a look into Auriga's Model 249:



For the chipping, I first sprayed Alclad white alu on the whole model.

Then I applied maskol with a sponge.

Blue paint is then sprayed.

Maskol is peeled off, and some effects are added using blue and alu with a sponge.

Blue paint is also scratched with a toothpick.


If I had to do it again, I would prefer the hairspray technique because chips are more convincing with this method.


Have fun!

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Some progress, not a lot of blue so far but it is coming:)

Some sink mark on the propeller to erase


Aires cockpit in progress



And the engine, just assembled and painted, need some weathering.


I received g-factor brass landing gear and barracuda resin wheels, so I am all set.


Till next Time.





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very good choice, i love bearcat 

you can see some pictures of French bearcat here:




and here :





the bearcat cokpits were entirely black except the floor

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Time for an update. Almost no modelling for me in January between too much work during the week and skiing over the week-ends, production is slow. I am getting close to close the fuse, hopefully by next week-end. Seatbelts are Radu's and they are great. I used PVA glue as recommended and it works well. I need to weather them a bit. Here are the pictures.










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