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  1. Hello Actually you need to remove about 5mm in the front fuselage. And yes, single seater windshield is longer than dual seater counterpart. A correction set would need a dual seater windshield recast, and a shortened front IP coaming. Romain
  2. So beautiful! and those large size pics are awesome
  3. Hello My friend Arnaud at BAM models asked me to use my 3D cad designs in order to release them as upgrade sets. I used them on my builds. You can see them here: They are completed by designs from other friends. Sets 32004m (singleseater) and 32004b (dualseater) focus on: - small external details: antenas, scoops, lights, flares dispenser... - Small internal details: mirrors, electronics boxes, hatches... - Wheels You also have a nose for Mirage 2000-5 and another for Mirage 2000D. Another set brings intake trunks. Arnaud also offers a detailled engin exhaust with closed or open position. Last, it is possible to pick between 3 types of flare launcher that goes under the rear end of the plane. Here is the link: Mirage 2000 Archives - BAM Models (bam-models.com) Please note that Arnaud will temporarely close the shop for a few weeks?months? from this 20/11/2022 Romain
  4. oh too bad cant you cheat a little with trimming the quinta parts a bit?
  5. Amazing! I especially like the effects under the belly tank
  6. oh cool! Maybe you want to check on Reskit exhaust: https://reskit-models.com/news/scale_exhaust_nozzle_1-32_1-48_1-72_hobbyboss bye
  7. Wow!! Those large pics are amazing! good job my friend
  8. So nice! applying washes is maybe my favourite step in modelling. Visually so rewarding!
  9. hello amazing build! I loved scrolling through those pages.
  10. hi Chuck! always a pleasure to see you starting a new project! Oh, and I have a Tamiya CJ on the way cheers
  11. Wow... This is insane
  12. WOW! those burned effects are so cool!!
  13. Merci Laurent ! Very happy you like the magazine ! And available for shipping worldwide in the Cocardes web shop
  14. Hi Matt! Thank you very much for your kind words. 2000-5 is painted with AKRC 235 and 252, but with a drop of X14 sky blue in each. 2000D green is a mix of H65 H420 and H2, grey blue is H42+H331+H2. Cheers
  15. tahnk you very much for your feedback Niels! very appreciated.
  16. Thanks guys! Hi There is no work in progress thread on the net. If you have some question i can answer here. But If you want, the whole build is detailled in the issue 24 of Cocardes Magazine. I posted the link in first post. https://dogfight-editions.com/en/cocardes-international/87-cocardes-international-n24.html?fbclid=IwAR0HyoJzcx-mGNcL6couVEtnRR31D1ok8OOWHliFq6n8mmPSYwvNzjcNFrI Bye
  17. Actually I ordered an new dual seater clear sprue from Kittyhawk when they were still in business. They got the lenght right in this boxing. In your case for a better fit, I would rather cut the rear frame. Good luck
  18. Thanks! Yes! Actually not he nose, but the front fuselage. As KH pasted the longer lenght of twin seater on the single seater.
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