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F-16A & F-16C Aggressor Double Build - The Double is Done!

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Bravo Marcel, that aggressor looks amazing, there isn't a section on that model that could look any better! 

Amazing paint work and the weathering looks spot on to me, I just wish it was mine! 

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Thx guys, the encouragement is very motivating!


On 1/20/2019 at 5:23 PM, JAWS said:

What an amazingly beautiful pair of Vipers!


You put in an enormous amount of effort into these birds! The detailing is spot on, looks like something I'm used to seeing on the flightline.


The splinter camo on the AK Aggressor is beyond words can describe, I love it!


Thx Jaws, the flightline look is exactly what I am going for :)


Well, she is done! Here are some preliminary pics, taken under poor lighting conditions. I plan on taking some better shots and Chuck has very kindly also offered to edit them a little more professionally, once I have those shots I will post them in the Ready for Inspection section. But here goes for now:












And the double is officially complete:




Thanks for looking!



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13 minutes ago, A-10LOADER said:

 Gorgeous, excellent work Marcel !! You should be very proud of your efforts with these two. Two more masterpieces for the display cabinet.


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