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  1. JAWS

    Tamiya F-4J

    This afternoons update-- Loaded up the belly of the beast: missiles, bombs, ECM pod; now it's ready to inflict some damage. Tires, ladder, few other pieces installed too. I would provide a picture but all that gloss white made it hard to take a decent one.
  2. JAWS

    Tamiya F-4J

    Decals ON! It's a flying NAVY billboard. Dual personality!
  3. A very unique aircraft and the engine detailing is superb.
  4. Great work combining the Academy with aftermarket and Tamiya parts.
  5. JAWS

    Tamiya F-4J

    A lot of detail painting completed last night; radome is simply beautiful now that it's Gloss Black. The canopy sill and cockpit have se´╗┐en some abuse! So much gloss white on that tail!
  6. Finally got it outside to paint, making a ton of progress-- I can't believe how much I've glued to the lower fuselage and still have Sidewinder and pylons, TERs, Aim-7s, ECM pod, and bombs . . . It will receiving markings for VF-143 Pukin' Dogs Taproom 102 thanks to AOA Decals
  7. Amazingly beautiful detailed Viper! The weathering/fading of the paint is stellar. The flightline diorama is awesome. The right drop tank is a perfect example: the lighter colored nose on the darker tank (I've built many like that in my AF career). The ejection seat looks you you shrunk down the 1:1 asset. The GE nozzle is stunning! Images saved for my reference stash. You've impressed a guy whose worked this particular airframe since the early 90s. I don't want to be a critic but I noticed two discrepancies: -the scoop just aft and below the canopy on the right side is facing the wrong direction -Tulsa Vipers are Block 42, Pratt & Whitney -229B powered; too bad Tamiya never re-released the Thunderbird variant so we can build accurate versions.
  8. Copy thanks. Radome color?
  9. Nice Build! I'm curious about the paints used, details?
  10. I want an updated 1/32 F-16! *Re-release the T-Bird kit so I can build a block 42 without dropping a crapload of cash on aftermarket parts. *The biggest area they failed us is the lack of weapons that came with the Block 50. *Give us all the weapons like the Academy F-16I *More decal options *"D"-model option
  11. WOW! I thought I was looking at the 1:1.
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