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  1. Beautiful Viper! The US flag draped across the glareshield is awesome!
  2. 89-2082, Block 42CM, 180th Fighter Wing, Toledo OH Stingers *1/32 Tamiya Block 50 converted to Block 42 *GT Resin exhaust nozzle/donut/augmentor, 5R targeting pod pylon, 5L HTS pod *Eduard Sniper ATP *Avionix resin seat *Speed Hunter Graphics 1/32 Big Scale Vipers *Mission Models Have Glass grey FS36170 brushed over Testors Gunship Gray FS36118 spray *Tamiya T-Bird intake I took one set of pictures in full sun, the other when overcast; the HG paint is spot on.
  3. This the best paintwork ever! I commend you on painting all the markings!
  4. Phenomenal! Thought I was looking at the actual aircraft!
  5. I finally found and built one after all these years of waiting! OOB except for GT Resin intake; the intake looks seamless to the inlet fan. I used Microscale liquid Decal Film since I didn't want any unexpected incidents with the kit decal. Fuselage is painted in Testors Extreme Lacquer "White Lightning" and "Wet Look Clear"; the "WL" has a pearl effect, really makes the TB shine. I was worried about the stand keeping her flying, but it works perfectly.
  6. Great start on the best 1/32 F-16 kit produced. Your cockpit, seat, pilot are completely awesome. Keep us updated on your progress on this one. I built one OOB back in 2005-2006, just built the Thunderbird version, and now converting the block 50 into a block 42; expensive but worth evrey dollar.
  7. Are you sure this is not the actual aircraft? I can't tell. UNBELIEVABLE!
  8. Tamiya F-4J finished in the colors of VF-143 Pukin' Dogs: Taproom 102, USS Enterprise The right/starboard side is the 1971-72 cruise; the left/port side is the 1972-73 cruise with the late CDR Harley Hall adorning the canopy frame. Outstanding AOA Decals. Paint is Testors MM Gloss Gull Gray FS16440 and Gloss White. Radome is Testors Gloss Black, brushed on, no streaks at all, so shiny.
  9. JAWS

    Tamiya F-4J

    This afternoons update-- Loaded up the belly of the beast: missiles, bombs, ECM pod; now it's ready to inflict some damage. Tires, ladder, few other pieces installed too. I would provide a picture but all that gloss white made it hard to take a decent one.
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