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  1. Cleanest Strike Eagle I've ever seen.
  2. This T-Bird belongs in a museum, beautiful work. I especially like the drop tanks, adds to the uniqueness.
  3. Didn't look at reference material too well--US insignia is oriented wrong direction.
  4. 1/24 F-16 block 40/42/50/52 would be awesome!
  5. Beautiful Viper, definitely looks like the birds I've seen on overseas deployments.
  6. That is an extremely odd aircraft, keep the updates coming.
  7. CruZz The image you posted shows an engine borescope inspection in-progress, no maintenance is being performed on the aircraft. That is why the bombs are still hanging on the BRU.
  8. Outstanding warbird! Great weathering!
  9. Looks great, bringing back childhood Friday night memories.
  10. JAWS

    BIG HOG!

    Outstanding craftsmanship!
  11. So, the Batman does poop in the woods! I would hate to peel off that costume just to take a dump! Great concept!
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