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Trumpeter 1/32 A-6E Intruder VA-35 AA-501


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Thanks again everybody. I`m actually quite suprised that the walkways vary that much and they haven`t been standardized, don`t they feature some sort of anti slip coating?

Jari, these cruise books are a really great source, I now know how to paint that arresting gear:

Additionally I just noticed the blue grid on the aivionics bay door, is that a container for counter measures?



As always, I appreciate any input



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Small update: I painted the exhaust area and the radar. In addiation to that the Intruder has been prepared for a gloss coat by light sanding, to get rid of any kind of orange peel surface. Furthermore the outer wings have been finished, I painted the red parts on the control surfaces and the white wing fold mechanism.




I dryfitted the exhausts for this pic










And last but not least a shot of the whole model from the front, that thing has quite a wingspan!




Next up a gloss coat and decals.



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Thanks again everybody, really appreciate all the positive feedback! Gazzas, go for it, you can`t go wrong.

But back to modelling business, while the gloss coat dries I continued work on all the bits and bobs. The TRAM pod has been finished, I added some generic wiring to make it more interesting:






In addition to that I decided to add a center line tank, so I worked on that, the MERs and the Radome, which has a very persistent seam line.




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Damn you, that paint job made me look at a photo of a really weathered A-6E from the Gulf War and AOA decals just released markings for the plane I always wanted to try.  So I bought a set of decals which means I'll have to pick up another 1/32 A-6E soon....at least I think seamless intakes are now available.... :-)

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Ok another update gents,

the Intruder is all decaled and weathered. The AOA decals performed beatifully over a gloss coat, and I had zero silvering. Then I progressed with some dark grey panel line wash. I applied it using a pin wash technique, which gives me more controll over the amount of wash and which surface detail I want to highlight. Especially on these intensely riveted Trumpeter kits, just slapping on a wash could look to strong. This was followed by a matte coat and some oil weathering, according to reference. After the oils have cured I sprayed over some light grey touch ups. Right now I`m on track to finish her by the end of next week, currently working on all the bits and bobs. And she is already standing on her own legs, I had a feeling that this one might end up as a tail sitter, but appears I was wrong. Anyhow here are some pictures:















Criticism and ideas are always welcome





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