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Trumpeter 1/32 A-6E Intruder VA-35 AA-501


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Hello everybody, I`m back! This build is not dead, it just stalled a little bit during sommer. This thread got hit by Photobuckets update aswell, so I just replaced the first few pics.

However this is the current project status:




I`m really close to painting, just some surface touchups after priming and I should be good to go.

Here a few pics of the office and the clear parts, which are great, cristall clear and perfectly fitting:








I replaced the HUD glass, because the one Trumpy supllied was more brick shaped rather than glass pane. 




That is it for the first part, stay tuned.



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I was able to lay down the base painting. I used black basing to get some subtle paint variation. 

First the base coat, and than blending it together:






Same has been done with the topside:






The effect is very subtle and can`t bee seen on the pictures that well, here some detail shots:






I used my self mixed FS 36320 Dark Ghost Grey and FS 36375 Light Ghost Grey, made out of Tamyia XF66, XF2 and XF24. The two colour camouflage has a demarcation line, which is hardly visible on the real thing, so I had to lighten the top colour up, to decrease the colour difference.

Next step will be lightly sanding the surface to further smooth it down and then walkways.



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  • 2 weeks later...

Another rather big update gents: 

After alot of studying of reference I decided to start the advanced painting, i.e. walkways and all the corrosion control and touch up painting. These were my main reference pics of the exact subject:






As I unfortunately couldn`t find any top down shots of AA-501 from VA-35, I used multiple different pics of TPS Intruders as inspiration.

First I painted the walkways, I used mainly this picture as reference....


... followed by the infamous all-NAVY fifty shades of grey. This was done by using multiple light greys and a rather out of place looking blueish grey.

Enough waffle, here is where I´m at right now. 















Taking photos of a grey paintwork really isn`t that easy, and my skills aren´t up to scratch, hence the variance in the shade of grey. (And that thing is freakin huge, which doesn`t make life easier aswell)

That´s it for now, next up decals followed by weathering. Criticism and ideas are always welcome.



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Thanks everyone for the nice comments. Jari, I already have this one on my hard drive and used it as a reference to some extend  :whistle:. Do you know which timeframe they are from, because they have entirely different walkways, compared to what AOA Decals recommends for VA-35 birds. And interestingly walkways are dissimilar even from one aircraft to the other.



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Emil, looks excellent with that splotchy look typical of the low-viz jets.


Pics that Jari linked too are dated 1986 according to the page. Sounds right since you can also tell it's from the earlier more plain 1980s period of markings since it's only basic tail codes and not much else (similar to the other 1986 period options on the decal sheet).


The second pic you posted of 501 on the flight deck I believe is from the prior cruise earlier in 1990, but don't quote me on that. I may be mis-remembering.


The walkway pattern unfortunately should've said somewhat speculative for both AA-501 and 505. That pattern shown was based on clearer images showing upper surfaces of AA-512 on deck in a couple pics on the same cruise. Like you said, the walkways looked and varied from aircraft to aircraft. It looks like the "skinny" section on the rear extended to the wider section on another where the top side is visible (AA-522).







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