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The most frustrating part of the whole build was the sliding portion of the canopy. I've rebuilt it several times now. I wanted to eliminate the step at the bottom of the kit clear part, which fit into the skirt around the bottom. The front frame on the kit part also didn't sit properly against the opening of the bubble, leaving small gaps on the side and top. I sanded the entire step off the bubble, which required adding a strip on the inside of the skirt to hold it. Once I was happy with that the bubble had to be polished and dipped in Future. Once the bubble was attached I had to build the framing at the front, once again out of plastic card shaped to the opening. The rivet pattern was redone using a riveting tool. 


It's not perfect, but it's better. I wish there was a replacement aftermarket canopy available...






Primed and rivets applied...one more light sanding to level things out.



Better, good enough...don't want to jinx things by doing anything else.



Also had to create a set of rails to replace the "working" versions in the kit.

Evergreen "I" beams sanded and drilled.


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The next updates should be more interesting, sorry. I just thought if I posted the little I've done in the last few days it will pressure me to finish. :) 


A little bit of light weathering, final coats and then all the dangly bits attached. I think once I got the canopy finished and close to what I had in mind, it removed the one barrier that was making me hesitate. 



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