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1/24 Airfix RCAF Mustang IV…finally done

R Palimaka

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I got up the courage last night and started to paint with Alclad Duraluminum. I was given some advice on Facebook of all places, and shown an experiment he did with panels primed in black, and different shades of grey. It looked very effective, and made things simpler by making it possible to paint using only one shade of metal. I sprayed the various colours on Friday, and let them cure for couple of days. Anyway, here are the before photos:






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And last night, I bucked myself up and started applying Alclad for the first time. Honestly, I don't know what I was afraid of...apart from the smell (I had the proper facemask). I followed the directions and applied it in thin mist coats and it behaved wonderfully. I'll let it cure for a few more days before I touch it up. I'm not entirely happy with the stainless steel panels around the exhausts. They should be a bit darker, but I'll fix that with a darker shade of metal. I will also pick out a few smaller access panels with lighter and darker shades.


Overall, I'm very happy so far...and relieved. Here is what she looks like so far. The reflection from the Alclad make the wings look more metallic than they are. My phone camera doesn't really catch the difference in colour and finish on the wings.


There is of course more painting ahead...anti-glare panel, touch ups and weathering. But this was a huge step for me.









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Some quick, not-very-well-staged, photos before heading off to work. I finished the main painting effort, I think, it just needs some touch-ups, especially around the windscreen and quarter panels. Decals are next, and then some weathering, but not too much. 424 Squadron kept their aircraft pretty clean. I thought I would just tack the various bits together with tape to see what she will look like. I'm pleased so far. Flying surfaces are just held in place with masking tape, so there was a bit of droopiness. Forgive the photo quality...




The nose, with a bit of weathering experimentation forward of the firewall. Water-soluble graphite pencils mixed with "walnut" coloured artist's ink, maybe a bit heavy and uneven. It'll wash off. I see the tape holding the prop on is about to let go.:)




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13 hours ago, Anthony in NZ said:

Richard....she's an absolute beauty buddy!!!  Just LOVE how you have been fixing this kit.  Awesome colour scheme too!


I must resist...….I must finish my Mosquito...….I must resist a Mustang LOL



LOL!! Yes, you must resist and finish that Mosquito before you come over to the dark side...Mustangs...


Thank you Anthony! I always appreciate the kind comments and encouragement, it's getting so close now. I want to finish but don't want to rush...lol, like three years is rushing. 

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  • R Palimaka changed the title to 1/24 Airfix RCAF Mustang IV...last steps
  • R Palimaka changed the title to 1/24 Airfix RCAF Mustang IV…finally done

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