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Revell (née Matchbox) Spitfire 22- finished

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Here's my entry into the GB:






It looks like Revell removed the original Matchbox copyright and logos getting the mould here:




I'm painting to deviate a bit from the instructions in the hope that it'll make assembly easier, particularly around the wing root area.


As for AM, I'm going to throw a bit at it, mostly some leftover Tamiya bits and new belts.



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So, I've got the the first bits glued together. I think they're supposed to be a Griffon? :)




I've started sanding the fuselage sides as they're kind of lumpy.




It's probably a bit hard to tell but here's the fuselage before:




And after:




Here's my first bit of AM for the build: an Iconicair spinner and some RB rads from his XIV conversion.



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Boy do I remember this kit! One day I'll tackle it again as a Seafire 47 conversion, but until then, I'll enjoy following your build, Carl.



I bet you do Kev! I think you were working on it around the time I started my Seafire build which is still in a drawer. Maybe I'll get back to it when you start on yours.



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Be great to see what you do with this kit. For me, it was a "little challenging", not CM T-33 challenging, but lotsa "fun". Also, it's a Griffon powered bubble top big tail Spit, best looking of the bunch.



Thanks Don. I think my favorite Spitfire is a high back XIV.


I think your right about the kit not being in the same league as the T-33 which is probably a good thing.



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