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Let's get to know each other a little better. Show a photo of your

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Good grief - I have neglected to say a proper hello, having just found this post. Great idea to have this!


I'm Phil Smith and have been building models for most of my adult life. I think my first serious go of it was a Testor's 1/12 Lamborghini model back in 1993 or so. 


However, my true passions are spaceflight and Cold War history. I've also been employed in the space industry for over 20 years. I suppose it's natural that I build models of real space subjects and, on occasion, science fiction spacecraft. I built a 1/12 Mercury capsule (Atomic City) some years ago and this marked my first foray into "advanced" model building, where I used a variety of new techniques and employed a significant amount of scratch building. Of course, I also love building scale models of aircraft, and I select these mainly on two criteria: 1) high quality kit and 2) aesthetics (essentially, the aircraft must look interesting). 


My favorite parts of model building tend to focus on super detailing cockpits and engines, and weathering. To scratch these itches when it comes to spaceflight, I typically need to resort to science fiction as real space subjects leave something to be desired. Refurbishable vehicles (e.g., Space Shuttle Orbiter), or those that return (e.g., Mercury) present obvious opportunities on the real space side. For SF, something like Hasegawa's Millennium Falcon will do nicely. 


On aircraft, I have a soft spot for WWII  and Vietnam War-era subjects. My first serious treatment here is the Tamiya 1/32 P-51K, which I am just about to finish. My next project will be the Moebius 1/48 Aries-1 shuttle from 2001: A Space Odyssey, but I have a stash of 1/32 aircraft I want to tackle, including an A-10, F-4C, F-104A, F4U, and A-6E. I'm not sure which of these I will grab next, but I am considering maybe doing two at a time...


Nice to "meet" everyone!

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OK, so despite being pretty active in this community for a few years now, I have never posted anything here.  So here's a selfie I took today at the USS Midway Museum in San Diego (where I'm visiting this week on business).  In the background is an A-4 Skyhawk.



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FYI: I've just given this thread a massive prune, removing much of the detritus, including most of the posts containing broken image links (the Photobucket debacle haunts us still). It's around 10 pages lighter now.


Here's a recent photo of yours truly:





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I thought I'd put a photo on this thread, but perhaps it was so long ago it was on Photobucket and thus got culled.  So this is me:




That's also me in my avatar, in the front seat of G-APFU in 2006, about to commit aviation.  The trip was a present for a "significant" birthday some years ago.

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