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Zoukei Mura A-1J Skyraider USAF


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after 3 weeks of holiday I am back at the workbench.

did paint job on Sandy in past days. For the first time I have used Mr. Paint stuff so here is my experience of not so skilled modeller:

really easy to use, great mixture for airbrush and good fit to original colours IMO

you can build up different shades easily with thin layers applied gradually.

together with Gunze C paints, these are the paints of choice for me "0


cons: bad smell, on the level of surfacers, I did the all paint job outside wearing protective mask. And for somebody price could be show stopper. Have used 2/3 of bottle for light grey and 1/2 bottle of desert one. Overall the cost for camuflage of A-1 cost me up to 8€ :)


some photos

firstly I did some preshading for light grey and desert brown (darkened with black)...




and build up camuflage...






and some subtle postshading (added up to 5-10% white)




thanks for looking


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a small accident occurred

was dryfitting prop and when I wanted to pull it out by force I tored out the front engine part with all wires, I fool...   :BANGHEAD2:



It was midnight so I spent 3 more hours to repair it...

cut off front cowl, put new wiring, dlued together, sanded and apllied surfacer


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Beautiful work, Jan. I would have gone to bed angry if I had damaged my kit--glad you hung in there and fixed her up  :goodjob:

Awesome paint job too--I know what you mean about those Mr. Color paints--I love 'em too.





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thanks guys for your comments, really apreciate

yesterday I put gloss coats and did some work on bomb loader and chocks

I was playing with chipping fluid from Ammo to create scratches on chocks, end even I tried lot of different brushes, toothbrush and toothpick, still not comfortable with that stuff

need to practise more...








and seat washed and ready for final coat of varnish



thanks for looking


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