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Zoukei Mura A-1J Skyraider USAF


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I kept working on this one in past weeks.

I have decided to finish it as airframe number 142058 (1972 configuration), because I just wanted to depict A-1J, with which Mr. Hukee flew at least once

as depicted on this photo



after several layers of Gunze Super Gloss I have started with decals. Unfortunately I have started with insignias and just after that I have checked my my refrences. too late. but decided to leave it so and live with it  :innocent:

I used original decals and that was another mistake cause they are too thick. I had rather use sosme AM stuff.

Used some filters for beginning of weathering process but they are almost not visible on photos.




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thanks guys for your kind words, really appreciate it.

have glued landing gear and main drop tank. used HPH epoxy glue for landing gear just to make sure it will be strong enough

and was playing little bit with final coats of varnish. the final one Iwas satisfied with it, was a mixture of GSI flat coat and semigloss (ration 5/1) thinned with leveling thinner. scratches made with brush and thinned super silver metallic prior the last matt coat.

some photos below

and now its time to attach the rest of ordnance and finally make it dirty   :D








thanks for looking


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Right cracking work, mate. I really have to get one of these, now. Always did like the brutal, utilitarian look of a Spad.


Does anyone know if they carried TERs? I'm thinking that'd be a 'no', but it doesn't hurt to ask.




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  • 3 weeks later...

short update

little bird already done  :yahoo:

still need to finish bomb loader and base for it


fire extinguisher done..



wheel chocks done...



RBF stripes added...



EZ line antenna...



AMMO fresh engine oil and streaking grime used for oil stains

and black pigment mixed with tamiya X-20A thinner used for exhaust stains



thanks for looking


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