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Hasegawa Fw 190D-9 "Yellow 11"

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Here is my recently finished Dora in 1/32 scale.  My normal scale is 1/48 so I don't usually post here but I thought I'd share this one.  Although the Hasegawa kit is excellent, I purchased quite a few aftermarket resin upgrades but I ended up not using the majority of tem due to fit issues/operator error... i.e. Eagle 3-piece gun cowling, Eagle radiator cowling, and the most of the MDC cockpit.  I modified the curvature of the Hasegawa gun cowling using the Eagle resin as a guide with sheet plastic and putty.  A first for me: I riveted the entire surface of the aircraft using Radu's Rivet-R.  Colors were primarily Tamiya acrylics with some Gunze mixed in and Alclad for the metal portions underneath.  Decals are Eagle Cals.



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Excellent! A VERY good looking '190 build. Nicely done. :thumbsup:

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Thanks for the comments!  Feel free to publish this on your website Kevin.  My full name is John Kim.  Here are some in-construction pics, for those that are interested...


The harnesses were made from the foil off a wine bottle and buckles from the MDC cockpit set.



Riveting process on the wings.



The MDC instrument panel mounted on the kit cockpit tub.  The MDC cockpit tub is in the foreground.  Due to the "vague" fit, I ended up binning the MDC tub and using the kit tub instead.



The Revi gunsight from the MDC set with clear acetate reflector glass.



Wire details added to the landing gear.



Landing gear after painting and weathering.



The kit exhausts were used but the ends were hollowed out using an x-acto blade.



Prop spinner after riveting/painting/weathering.



Thin electrical wire was wound around a small drill bit to form the aerial tension spring.



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Great paint job! One of the best I have seen. What did you use for the finish? I really like the subtle satin finish you have achieved.

Thank you!   I've been struggling to find a matte clear that I can depend on.  I like the look of the Alclad Klear Kote Flat but I have curing issues with the Alclad clear finishes.  It just doesn't seem to dry fully.  Right now I am using Alclad Aqua Gloss (which I really like) with Tamiya Flat Base but it has a tendency to turn whitish if you push the flatness too much.  You can see this effect start to rear its ugly head on the RLM83 patches on the gun cowl and upper wings.  So I have my eyes and ears open for a better alternative.

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Guest Martinnfb

Beautiful build. Great airbrush control and finish.



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Beautiful model, but more importantly, absolutely killer weathering!  Not everybody can apply realistic looking chips and stains to a model, but you are clearly one who can.  This is pure art and I just love it.  Congrat's!




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