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Hello all!! After the Tamiya Spit, i wanted a simple build. The Hasegawa kits are nice  and simple, but with lots of room if you want to go all out. Not sure of the markings i'll use, good variety to choose from. Haven't been able to find much if any info on Eric Browns flight of this warplane or his opinion.




Some aftermarket, Quickboost exhaust, Finemolds belts, and Hasegawa gun barrels that were included with the kit



Some thing new i'm trying to organize the sprues is to hang them up. I have a bad habit of throwing out sprues because i don't like the clutter on the bench, unfortunately they sometimes have parts still attached, parts that i needed...



I've built one of these before, really enjoyable build. 







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Nice choice, it's a great model. He almost certainly flew TAIC 9, coded 263 while he was in the US.


Did a google for Ki61 263 and LOTS of info came up. Captured in NMF with green mottling, then had a blue scheme, NMF , then all green.... I do have the decals in the IJA scheme from Wolfpack, think i'll do this scheme. Thanks, Brad for the info!!!




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I did the decals because i get poor results painting instrument panels.... I'm ok with them but i think i'll stick with the moulded panels from now on. I did the chipping with foam packing material dipped in silver paint and applied almost dry. Drybrushed with the base color to knock it back, then washed with Tamiya Panel Line Accent. I painted the base color with a old bottle of Gunze Sangyo Aqueos, i think the bottle is 20+ years old!! I have 25-30 other bottles, think i'll see how they've held up.



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