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  1. Beautiful work, Peter - I'm following this one (as I did with your Mossie) with interest!! Mike
  2. Hi Peter - I've just caught up by reading your whole build thread. It's incredible! Looking forward to learning more, and being inspired to raise my standards as you progress onwards. Mike
  3. Just like to add my thanks to Brad for moderating! It has certainly been a nice way to honour 'Winkle' in this way. Upwards and onwards. Mike
  4. Hi Justin Many thanks for this. Yes, as the painting was the 'Achilles Heel' on my first attempt I've put a lot of thought into how i'm going to do it on the second attempt! Will definitely not be using Xtracrylix! Tamiya sounds really good and I would be interested in your colour codes in due course - thanks. However, in my research I've become a bit more laid back about the RLM 76 as, by that stage of the war, it was a case of 'beggars and choosers' as the German war machine ran out of raw materials. Shame that the three photos of '290126' are slightly over-exposed so don't show the
  5. Going along nicely, Alain ;-) Mike
  6. Congratulations, Mike, on a lovely model Hawk, and a fine tribute build to Winkle! Mike
  7. Coming along very nicely, Hakan ;-) Mike
  8. Hi Mike - thanks for your post. Yes, as I was in the painting phase there were a number of sub-assemblies waiting (cowlings, propellers, landing gear) for attachment that I could use again. But who knows...I might be able to improve on them at the second attempt Mike
  9. Hi Justin - I picked up your build thread quite early on in my research. Your Uhu is a beauty and richly deserved the awards and accolades it received! If I can get 50% of the way towards that I'll be pleased. Thanks for your kind offer of help - I take it that you used the NASM's (Uhu) paint scheme as your reference? As you can see from my latest post I'm starting the whole project again so the painting will be some time off... Will be in touch and thanks again Mike
  10. Gentlemen, many thanks for your kind and encouraging words following my 'Great Painting Disaster' - they are much appreciated Last night I came home to find that a framed picture's string had snapped and (pure Murphy's Law!) being directly above the model fell onto it knocking it to the floor. With so much additional weight in the front it must have hit the ground with a thump. One wing has split open and the other is cracked but the cockpit section is largely undamaged. Sooooo..... I have decided to start again and build the same kit in the same finish (WN 290126 in British
  11. Ah, well, Hakan, I'm afraid you'll have to wait a bit longer as I had the original 'Great Painting Disaster' . This was almost certainly due to my inexperience though I have learnt a great deal! The Vallejo RLM 75 (Grey-violet) went on nicely and hardened up; however, when I came to apply the (Xtracrylix) RLM 76 (Light-blue) for the 'Wellenmuster' wave/squiggle pattern I hit a few snags: 1. With the paint well thinned it would not adhere to the surface, and 2. With the air pressure low it would not adhere anyway, and 3. If the paint was thickened it would not flow through the AB (e
  12. Hello Torben Many thanks for your comprehensive update, and while it will be a trifle disappointing not to make the deadline at least you are enjoying the build - which is the main thing! Your cockpit build is beautiful and most inspiring. I can also appreciate your thoughts on the efficacy of PE: being a returnee to modelling I was initially enthralled by it but now I'm not so sure...the jury is still out! And as I'd like to develop more scratch building skills ahead of a series of vacuform kits then using PE won't do the trick. So joining this GB has given me a lot of food for though
  13. I'm echoing Torben's words, Alain. Great modelling ;-) Mike
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