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Preview: HK Models 1/32 B-17E/F


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The nose piece looks good to my eye; certainly not a B-17G nose pretending to be something it isn't.


I guess i'll be the contrarian here and say i'm planning on an "E" version myself. Thought about doing one factory fresh, or one of the Hawaiian Air Depot marked planes at Midway, or possibly Suzy-Q.


Is it just me or does that head on view of the nose glass remind me of a sea otter with his mouth open?



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Guest Vulcan32

The more pics I see, the more I´m sure to buy this kit.

I hope this will be the box-art (source: scalemates)



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Thanks for posting the pre-view of the HK (test shot) kit :)


This kit will cry for details, so I recommend the IPMS NL walkaround at:




Though often "preserved museum" B-17G's , and maybe not fully original, a lot of the details will be similar to machines used in the Second World war.

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That shape is much, much closer to the prototype....  I like it.  It needs the little access door on the R/H side of the optically flat bombardier's panel and while we're at it, that bombardier's glass panel seems just a bit wide to my eye but again, it might just be my eye.  Overall, a huge improvement on the previous effort. 





Images lifted from KarlH's previous post (1st image) and Lee White's post #69 in B-17 Reference Material over in GD.




Is that optically flat bombardier's glass panel made from armored glass or what material?  I know it's not perspex (English word for plexiglass?)

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The bombardiers panel was glass and IIRC it was multi-layered. Yes, it needs that opening panel and the glass does look a bit odd shaped but that could be the angle we are looking at it. Not perfect, but certainly better. If they offered just to sell the fuselage, I might consider it. That could sit on a shelf. I really do not have room for the whole thing.

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Guest Smitty44


Here are the new CAD images of which Graham speaks:









Sweetness! I will be needing one by June 12th please!

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