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WnW Roland D.VIa

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Good day, friends!

I've built Wingnut wings model - Roland D.VIa

Also, I've used several addons:

1) Master model barrel for Spandau

2) Taurusmodels Spark plugs

3) Taurusmodels Complete timing ger with valves springs and lifters for Mercedes DIII

4) Taurusmodels Intake maniflod nuts for inline WWI engines

5) HGW models 4 Colour Lozenge Upper and Lower - Transparent

6) REXx exhaust


DSCN1802.jpg DSCN1803.jpg


DSCN1807.jpg DSCN1805.jpg


DSCN1806.jpg DSCN1813.jpg DSCN1811.jpg


DSCN1809.jpg DSCN1810.jpg




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Thanks for all comments!


 May I publish it on the website?

Yes, of course Kevin! Thank You!



How did you get the wood grain effect? Decals? Masked/painted?


I've used paint stencil from RB Production.

This one - http://www.radubstore.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=77_117&products_id=369


Thank You!



Sergey Budyansky

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Very nice job ! One of the best wood grain effect i've ever seen. I'd have never thought that one could achieve such a nice result with stencil masks !


If i am correct, in the WNW instructions there are 2 interpretations for your scheme, both black and red? It's a killer in black !

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