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JA 37 D(I) - 1/24 ---- SOD

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  • 4 weeks later...
12 hours ago, Aigore said:

Sacred feces!!! That build thread is pure Viggen porn! Outstanding workmanship and true modelling!

I have to go pick up my jaw....dropped it somewhere.

Thanks a lot! I am honored when a Viggen expert like you says that.




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Dear fellow modellers,


here is a small update. Before skinning the top of the wing i want to install the MLG well side walls and some of the details. The idea is, that I can install all the bits and pieces from below and above as long as the upper skin panel, that covers the well is not yet in place. So I started building the MLG well. The pics show the part that goes into the fuselage and that will be all but invisible because the main gear door on the fuselage opens only during retraction/extension of the main gear (and for maintenance, obviously). I'll still do some of the details, just to hone my skills and to see what I can do and, probably most important, what I cannot do. If the wells turn out ok I'll be happy enough, if they don't I won't care as nobody will ever see them. Except you guys, of course :P


Here are the pics:





It's a combination of aluminium sheet, brass nuts and washers and styrene, whatever seemed best for the task at hand. The stiffeners are not glued yet, because I want to paint them seperately (they are light grey while the rest is olive green). After painting it looks like this:






I painted the parts with MRP-217 (325M Olive Green) and MRP-220 (032M Grey). Next up is some light weathering and matt coating and then the plumbing and wiring can begin.


Thanks for looking!






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  • Rainer Hoffmann changed the title to JA 37 D(I) - 1/24 First MLG well started 03.11.21

Thanks a lot, gents.


18 hours ago, airscale said:

This is modelling porn  it's as simple as that


If this is what the bits you can't see look like, I can't imagine what those bits you can will look like..


I bow in front of you Rainer, simply magnificent 



Peter, I'm afraid the visible bits won't look any better ... :coolio:


17 hours ago, Aigore said:

Yet again I'm struck with awe! Such lovely lovely details!

Thanks again!


17 hours ago, JayW said:

Good Lord Rainier!!!!   First I have seen of this.  And a project long in the making!!  Following! 

Yes, more than 8 years now and the roll-out date has been postponed again ...




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10 hours ago, Marcel111 said:

Incredible! Did you pick those parts off of the real deal in the museum?





Ha ha! The problem actually is, that the pics I work from are from a museum bird. And I don't have many pics of JA wheel wells. Unfortunately it seems, that the MLG wells of the different Viggen sub types differ quite a bit.  So there is a lot of artistic license involved.




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  • 2 weeks later...

Dear fellow modellers,


the second update in one month! This must be a first in this thread :rolleyes:


Looking at pictures of the right MLG well of a Jaktviggen you could get the idea that the guys at Saab had a couple of meters of pipes and tubes lying around that they just put in some unoccupied space in the MLG well. It looks messy (sixties style ... ). So does my rendition of the MLG well. And, what's more, unlike Jetmads I got the spacing of the stiffeners completely wrong. Sigh. Too late, I won't change anything. As I said in my previous post, nothing of this part of the MLG well will be visible once the main gear door is installed. And that's a good thing.


Anyway, here are some pics:







I'll install some more pipes and then I will proceed to the parts of the MLG well, that will be visible.


As allways, thanks for looking.




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  • Rainer Hoffmann changed the title to JA 37 D(I) - 1/24 MLG well – some plumbing 21.11.21

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