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I D Models patterns under new management!!


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HI Guys

Yes it is true I have managed to get my sticky little hands on a large number of the patterns from this range. I will be listing those that I have in the near future and I will probably make arrangements to have those pulled that people actually want. There are quite a few which will be un available as they are now in injection plastic but those that are not will be listed. Please give me a few days to get over the 500mile drive I had today to collect them.


Just for tasters I have ther pattern for the 32nd Lancaster, B17, B29 and t-2 buckeye. I have to check but I have a 1/6 I think ME262 and some of the old favourites including Ta-7 RF-8 etc so watch this space!! :frantic:



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Well done getting them secured.


I was talking to Bob about them at the Newton Abbot show. Didn't Doug do a Do 217 with option for an N...?


Have all the patterns survived or are there 'casualties'?



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Excellent news.


I've never seen it, but I have seen some references to a Blenheim in 1/32 by ID. I don't know if it ever really existed as it's not in the LSP database, but if there is tooling, I would love to get my hands on one,




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Hi Tigger and all,

Congratulations on gathering in the old ID Models forms! :) :frantic: :coolio: :fight:

As far as I know this is a more or less complete list of what ID models had in their lineup:

This is a compilation of the list our fellow member Iain sent me a number of years ago and the catalog sheets I received from England back in the 1990's.




01 F8F Bearcat

02 Me 109K4

03 Macchi 202 Folgore

04 F11F Tiger

05 FJ-4 Fury

06 A-7 II Corsair

07 Heinkel HE111

08 BAe Hawk

09 NA T2c Buckeye

10 Aero L39 Albatros

11 Westland Whirlwind Fighter

12 S-2 Tracker

13 E-2C Hawkeye

14 P-61 Blackwidow

15 Dewoitine D520

16 F-84 Thunderjet

17 FW TA154

18 Fokker D XXI

19 Vought F7U-3 Cutlass

20 F9F Panther

21 F9F Cougar

22 BAe Lightning F6

23 Westland Wyvern

24 P-82 Twin Mustang25 Mig 27 Flogger

26 F100 Super Sabre

27 HE 219 Owl

28 Ju88/188

29 HE162

30 Albatross DVa

31 E1b Tracer

32 Fairy Swordfish

33 KI-44 Tojo

34 KI-45 Nick

35 Mig 15

36 Mig 17

37 FW Ta152

38 Arado ar 234B2

39 XFY-1 Pogo

40 Me 263

41 A-26 B/C/K/Invader

42 Dornier Do 217n

43 Lockheed Hudson

44 HE 51B

45 Bristol Beaufort

46 Savoia Marchetti SM79

47 Gloster Gladiator

48 YAK 3

49 EA-6B Prowler

50 A-6 Intruder

52 RB-57 Canberra

53 B-57

54 Canberra BI[8]

55 F-84 Thunderstreak

56 RF-84 Thunderflash

57 AD-6 Skyraider

58 Spitfire MK XIV

59 Fiat G-55

60 RF-8 Crusader

61 Lockheed U-2

62 Sukhoi SU-27

63 F-89 Scorpion

64 Hawker Hart

65 Shinden

66 Avenger TBM 3

67 Meteor F8

68 Sea Fury

69 Hawker Siddley HS 125

70 T-28 Trojan71 A7D/E Corsair

72 EC121K Constellation

73 Shorts Sunderland

74 Mc Donnald F-2H3 Banshee

75 Douglas F3D Skynight

77 Boulton Paul Defiant

78 Sukhoi S U-15

79 Hadley Page Hampden

80 Consolidated Catalina

81 Brewster Buffalo

82 Hawker Tempest

83 ME 410

Grumman Tiger Cat

B-17 B1

Avro LancasterB2

B24-J Liberator B3

Short Stirling B4

H P Halifax B5

B58 Hustler B6

B29 Super Fortress B7


1/32 scale conversions

Harrier T 10

F86D Sabre Dog

Sea Venom FAW 22in to a Venom FB4


1/48 scale vacuforms

P2V Neptune

EC121 Constellation

A/W Metero NF14

RB57F Canberra

B-47 Stratojet

NA FJ-1 Fury

Lockheed P-3C Orion

XB-70 Valkerie

Blenheim MkIV


KC-135 Stratotanker

C-133 Cargomaster


By the way, Tigger, I really need two items.

I need the bottom wings (both of them) for the 1/32 #B4 Short Sterling. I have the rest of the kit.

I also need, desire and am panting and wetting my pants for the 1/32 #74 McDonnald F-2H3 Banshee.

If you get these and can make draws I will be very grateful and will repay you with all good wi$he$.

Stephen Auslender

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Hi John.

Um, I have something you might want for one of your vacs.

I'll PM you about it.




Oh, if you want to talk about some resin for a few of them, let me know. I would love to do a 'pit set or two..(after the T-33)


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