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  1. Are there any plans from Italeri to release a dual sealer mirage III like they did with the F-104?
  2. How can I contact them? I've been looking for them for a LONG time after seeing their amazing carrier deck...but can't find the website.
  3. I've been looking at the conversion done here and it is excellent.
  4. Any word on if/when this will be released?
  5. Any idea when the kit will be ready; been waiting for it for a while!
  6. I've been looking forward to this kit for a while any chance you'd be including decals for the RPAF birds?
  7. It'd be awesome to have decals of this in any scale...
  8. I thought where was another Mirage III/V kit on the horizon aside form the Italeri and Revell offerings. Does anyone know?
  9. Eric Do you plan on making selling some of the beautiful resin you're making for the Mirages?
  10. Eric Always a joy seeing your stuff here; especially Mirages!
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