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  1. Im going to follow this with interest as i have the same HPH set and ive slowly picked up a few other bits for the project,
  2. This looks like an interesting little project. I will watch with interest.
  3. I picked up the HPH Fi-103 and Ohka box a few months back so they should make an interesting 3 model display.
  4. Looking really nice so far. Ive got one of these kits in the stash to build one day.
  5. Looking good so far. Ive been tempted to buy one of these kits so many times but ive resisted so far.
  6. Amazing work and ill follow this with great interest.
  7. Im about to start work on a Eurofighter or two so ill watch with interest.
  8. Im hoping to go back with my SLR soon to get some photos of it dismantled.
  9. The Fiesler Storch is my latest. It will be at Milton Keynes for sure. I had a great show and my spends where limited to some mr disolved putty and some of the mr colour thinner. It was a great display and certainly drew alot of attention which is good. Cameron was a star and his models went down really well, that young man can do well in the future. LSP_Kevin, yes that is me in the goodwood tshirt hiding in the corner. I do believe Iain has some photos of us behind the table properly.
  10. Ill be ordering several of the Revell kits. As nice as the Tamiya kit is i cant afford £100 a kit.
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