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  1. I found that the most effective way to "make an offer the manufacturers can't refuse", is to meet with my Bulgarian associate. I'm sure there is a parking garage where i can setup a meeting to talk about contracts...
  2. Just a moment, Picking up my teeth from the floor. MBB
  3. One of the most famous collaborators my country has ever produced. MBB
  4. 1) Stashingly big 2) I was hoping you could tell mé. 3) If it looks good in the stash 4) I remove the price tags, so it doesn't matter 5) None. That's why i have a stash in the first place! MBB
  5. Can't seem to get the link pasted. Just go to the scalemodeling page of aviatonmegastore.com. It's about halfway down the list. And thanks for the best wishes guys... Sigh...must stop playing WOT. MBB
  6. I predicted the release of the P61 Black Widow. But it took some mild violence to get it done. MBB
  7. I will see if my Bulgarian "associate" is still around. He has a way of making model companies an offer they can't refuse. MBB
  8. The panel has some errors though. It's been ages since school, but check out the right most yellow outlined dial: "Injection Temperature gauge", calibrated in Kg/Cm^2 ? MBB
  9. Drats...too late. Well just delete my post. MBB
  10. For my stash, mind you. http://www.aviationmegastore.com/lavochkin-la7-expected-end-of-2014-hph32035r-hph-models-hph32035r-scale-modelling/product/?shopid=LM4d169ed0318e464c36fd7caf8a&action=prodinfo&parent_id=212&art=121080 And that for a measly 139 Joeroos. MBB
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