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  1. My friends, i never left you. I have thoroughly enjoyed the comradery, and dare i say, friendship of all you people on this forum. @ Tony T: Having had my fair share of Gzhelka Vodka (in tupperware cups would you believe it), and Belomor cigarettes at a brisk minus 30c (Yelizovo, Kamchatka), i can attest to the fact that this makes people a bit "rough around the edges". Do not worry about my eyesight. It is caused by Father Time, kicking me in the jewels from time to time. Nothing medical. Long gone are the times when i could take a 1/48 scale instrument panel, and with my ususal, eagle-eyed preciscion, blot out the entire compass, with one huge blob of white paint. I need reading glasses to do that now. On the other hand i stil have a tremendous stash with highly exotic (but alas no P-61) kits. This Italian fighter with the resin torp conversion mustr by lying around here somewhere. The Focke Wulf Kangaroo. Must also still be here.... Where are my glasses..... MBB
  2. My Bulgarian "associate" told me there have been some rumblings about things long forgotten. But it does occur to me that there once was a contract out on somebody: Make a 1/32 P-61...OR ELSE!!! I was ofcourse very happy to see that the combination of psychology, and brute force led to the desired results. But as The Duke of Wellington once famously remarked: "The only thing worse than a battle lost is a battle won". No, i never did buy a P-61. Let alone build it. Over the past years my eyesight caught up with my age, and i am no longer able to work with all the small details. I know a 1/18th P-61 would help, but let's not go through this whole thing again. My Bulgarian "associate" and i have parted ways (i believe he is now mugging shopping mall octogenerians in Varna). But i do like to think, sometimes, when i am by myself, that my ranting here might just have made people look up, and think "Why not? Let's just make the thing." Happy modelling guys! MBB
  3. Horrible news. I have one hope though. That he will know that a lot of people are thinking about him right now. That he is not forgotten. I wonder if it is at all possible, that our thoughts can be conveyed to him. MBB
  4. I found that the most effective way to "make an offer the manufacturers can't refuse", is to meet with my Bulgarian associate. I'm sure there is a parking garage where i can setup a meeting to talk about contracts...
  5. Just a moment, Picking up my teeth from the floor. MBB
  6. One of the most famous collaborators my country has ever produced. MBB
  7. 1) Stashingly big 2) I was hoping you could tell mé. 3) If it looks good in the stash 4) I remove the price tags, so it doesn't matter 5) None. That's why i have a stash in the first place! MBB
  8. Can't seem to get the link pasted. Just go to the scalemodeling page of aviatonmegastore.com. It's about halfway down the list. And thanks for the best wishes guys... Sigh...must stop playing WOT. MBB
  9. I predicted the release of the P61 Black Widow. But it took some mild violence to get it done. MBB
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