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  1. Sometimes I just can't control myself! Michael
  2. I don't know, the hook is a separate part. As long as they have the original under-fuselage section in the box too (and it looks like it is from sprue shots I saw elsewhere), I shouldn't think it would be too hard to work up. I may find out, as I've always liked those particular markings! Michael
  3. I've ordered the Gladiator Mk.II (along with an IBG P.11C) from Hannant's and am eagerly awaiting their delivery. While I wait, I'm reading all these threads on the kits, which only makes my patience grow less! But in reading this one, I was suddenly struck with a thought. (Warning, thread hijacking ahead!) I'm afraid it's become increasingly clear that Wingnut Wings has breathed its last. I've seen some discussion elsewhere as to what will happen to their molds. Given the great success of ICM's 1/32 releases, it seems to me that they would be a pretty fine candidate to carry on Wn
  4. Quang, I just finished reading this thread. I have a Mk.II on the way for Father's day here in the States and I wanted to let you know that I've bookmarked your build for when mine arrives. Excellent work indeed! And I hope the move went well. Michael
  5. Peter, Very nice work! I noticed in your final display post you express some sadness that the kit is sold out. Well, in case you didn't know, WNW is re-releasing it as one of their special's with a figure of Raymond Collishaw and his markings! We should be seeing them soon and I hope to pick up another one myself! Michael
  6. I'm no expert, but weren't the waist windows on the F smaller top to bottom than the G? Michael
  7. Excellent work so far Eric! A question to everyone working on this one, especially if you're doing a bare metal finish: Are you feeling the need to sand the entire surface due to the texture or do you think (or have you found) that priming does the job? I plan to use a black base myself on a bare metal finish. Michael
  8. Ugh. Sorry I asked. Keep up the good work! Michael
  9. Eric, Very nice work indeed so far. I may have missed something, but how did you fix the fit of the nose/radome to the fuselage? It doesn't look like you just sanded the heck out of it, so what did you do? Thanks! Michael
  10. Looks like no Israeli markings in this release. Michael
  11. Shahak!!! Sign ME up for sure! I'm definitely on board for a classic '67 MiG killer Mirage, and maybe one or two more (depending on if/when the later Atar conversion becomes available). And given how long I've wanted a IIIC in 1/32 scale, I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt for now. Just hope it doesn't take years to materialize! Michael
  12. Is anyone else concerned about the fact that the RAF markings have different colored roundels on the fuselage than on the wing? Michael
  13. GROAN Don't quit your day job David Nice job on the pipes though Frank! Michael
  14. Excellent work Kev! While I'd rather have a Mk.I/III or a Mk.8, it looks like Paul is hard at work on those conversions. Still, given how nice it looks, I could see a collection if the price(s) are right! Michael
  15. Something doesn't seem right there with those different RAF roundels. Hope they fix that before release! I'm just not that into the Argentine markings, though they sure are colorful. Michael
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